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Cisco APIC 5.1 Reinstall


Hi there

I have to reinstall APIC v5.1 and my CIMC is upgraded successfully.The problem is every time i boot the server from .iso image to install CentOS 7, It stops in one random task. for example: one time stops in "Waiting for Plymouth Boot Screen to quit"

one another time stops in "enabling compressing RAM with zRAM"

one time again stops in "Starting Login Service"

What's the problem? does anybody know? I have to wait more or something's wrong?


Robert Burns
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Can you login to the BIOS of the APIC and ensure the TPM shows as still "Enabled & Owned".
Also provide:

  • Previous Version of IMC
  • Current Version of IMC, including how you upgraded it.
  • How are you attempting to boot/install the APIC 5.1 image?  vKVM Mapping or IMC mapping?



The Previous version of APIC doesn't boot. I do it using vKVM mapping. (Virtual Media)


Attempt it doing using a CIMC virtual media mapping.  That's the appropriate method to remotely boot the APIC installer image.  KVM can have issues with images >3GB.



Any updates on this, i have three APICs i need to offline downgrade the version of AIC on. I have the correct media mapped via CIMC but all three stop at this same point and will not go any further


I didn't understand whether you have access to the APIC server GUI or not. if your APIC servers are accessible via GUI (the initial setup config is done) you can easily downgrade your APIC versions. On the flip side, If APIC servers are in the initial setup config state, you can first, do each initial setup and then downgrade them. otherwise, if you need to completely reinstall the APICs, the Best way is to do it through CIMC virtual media Mapping. It works fine. here is how to do :

1: You need a web server that you can easily set up NGINX on a laptop and put the APIC image file for download. (Make a URL as below)

Sample URL: HTTP:// aci-apic-dk9.5.1.3e.iso

((a space required between the apic image name and other part))

2: You need to enable SOL (Serial Over LAN). 

  scope vmedia
  map-www apic http://<IP addr>/ aci-apic-dkxxxxxxx.iso
  show mappings detail


  Connect host

3: Reboot the Server and Enter the boot selection menu using F6 key.

4.  Select Cisco CIMC-Mapped vDVD1.24 option

5. Wait for almost 10 minutes (until you see that the server is powered off)

6. Enter the command in SOL : 

    scope vmedia
    unmap apic

7. Poweron the sever using KVM Console. Enter the Boot menu and choose "PCI RAID Adapter"


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