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Co-browse not working with REM SDK and Expert Assist in same app instance for calls number 2 ...
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

This error was reported to me by a customer with REM SDK 10.6.3 and Expert Assist SDK 10.6.1 for both Android and iOS apps. I have replicated the customer results with a different iOS app in a different REAS lab.

When I assure previous call and session have ended and obtain a fresh session ID, client with a second call in same application instance does not ever receive the popup prompt to accept CoBrowse/sharing but co-browsing is able to continue (is rejoined). Noted also that to assure a fresh session ID, I had to perform the logout step from the Session Token server. I’ve extended the client to also use a  fresh correlation ID with each call, and that has the related issue of not offering co-browse popups for customer to accept. In this case, previous co-browse session is not rejoined and there is no co-browsing.


Accepted Solutions

Hi Brien,

I tested once more just using ExpertAssist SDK in co-browse only mode to isolate the issue and as before subsequent co-browse sessions always prompt the user to accept screen share when the agent requests it.

Please check the console logs via xcode for the value of the RootTopic for subsequent calls to startSupport. you will need to call endSupport on the client side to avoid using the old ID for subsequent calls.



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


What id the agent console you are using? Finesse? ExpertAssist? Bespoke?

In the second scenario with different session id and correlation ID does the agent side get the call or use the new correlation ID?

If so does the agent request the screen share?



Hi Robert,

I should have mentioned that it is the Finesse agent desktop. Agent side gets the call with new correlation ID (I also change the SIP username to match the new correlation ID. ) The call is placed using the REM advanced SDK , and we start Expert Assist in co-browse only mode. Agent click the button in the EA gadget to co-browse and sees notifications that the caller had not accepted the co-browse session. The caller never sees the popups alerts to accept the co-browse after the first call. Only way to see the alert again is to completely restart to iOS app.

Thank you,

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

robdoyle We have another anomaly to report. In number 1 of the scenario, we are receiving 3 alerts prompting to allow sharing. Co-browsing starts immediately on with a yes response to the first alert. The next two alerts appear to be superfluous. I don't know that this is related to the case, but is not a satisfactory experience on the iOS client.