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Locate Enterprise Chat and Email Examples for 12.6

David Pendleton

Where can I find the JavaScript SDK samples mentioned in the ECE Chat and Call Back JavaScript SDK Developer's Guide, Release 12.6.(1)?

The reference about the existence of the examples is: "To begin working with the JavaScript SDK, it is recommended to start with the working examples provided with this SDK. They are distributed as a quick start. The library itself is located in the Examples/libs/egain folder contained within the distribution" 

What is the "distribution".  I have searched the ECE Installation ISO and the web and app servers that have ECE installed.


I was directed to!chat-javascript-sdk/chat-javascript-sdk. where I found the SDK examples.  The latest 12.6.(1) download has updated "egain-client-library" JavaScript files.  However, the examples are in the 12.0 zip.

This Cisco doc has been helpful:   Paul Tindall's Cisco Live presentation in BRKCCT-2010 are very helpful too. 

Finally, the SDK required the file in the l10n folder of your custom chat app. Having properties files prefixed with "custom_chat" i.e.,"" files does not work.  

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