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New Character Limitation on Community Subject Titles to Improve SEO

Monica Lluis
Community Manager

One of the main aspects of Cisco Community is to find content easily, especially in external search engines such as Google search.  Our studies show that most people come to Cisco Community from Google. This, optimizing the community to get more search results in Google is extremely important. To that end, we're optimizing the subject titles in the community to be compliant.

Starting on 10:00 PM PT on Wednesday, July 28th, the titles of new content will now have a character a 70-character limitation (including spaces). This will also apply also when a piece of content with longer titles are edited.

To make it easy to post, you will see the count of remaining characters left are you start typing the subject.

Below is a visual of how this appears (when creating your post):



Please Note: The new title character limitation is not retroactive. Thus, existing content is not affected unless it needs to be edited.

Below are best practices when creating the subject titles of your posts:

  1. Select a short title that captures the essence of your post. It should summarize the topic in 70 characters.
  2. Ideally, when you are posting a question, the title should be the question written succinctly. However, this will not always t be possible. In this case, use a descriptive title that captures the main theme of the question.
  3. The question should be specific. 
  4. Make sure to check spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  5. If you have trouble creating a title that summarizes your problem or question, write the subject title last. Sometimes posting the question in the body first makes it easier to describe the problem.
  6. If you are creating content that is not a discussion thread, summarize the topic of your document, video, or blog so that people understand what the content is just by reading the subject title. 

Should you have any questions, please send an email to


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This seems to impact the ability to create an article from the Cisco Bug Search.  Also attempting to submit with a subject that is too long puts you in a six minute cool down before you can submit with the corrected subject line.