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Cisco DNA Center - support for C9300X Low-density licenses

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Hi All,

In our environment we have 3 Cisco DNA Center appliances running version

We recently went about procuring some new hardware and have added Cisco C9300X-12Y. When ordering these appeared to require DNA Advantage licenses but it is not your regular SKU, they are listed in Smart Account as "C9300X Low-density DNA Advantage Fiber Agg/Core"

When we deployed the switches in SDA, they consumed their licenses and we can see that as well in Smart Account, when looking in DNAC, we are seeing alert that we are out of compliance on licenses.

Out breakdown is as followed as per Smart Account:

C9300 24P DNA Advantage: 6
C9300 24P DNA Essentials: 2
C9300 48P DNA Advantage: 40
C9300X Low-density DNA Advantage Fiber Agg/Core: 4

On DNAC we only get report that we have 48 licenses for 9300 series family purchased:

Essentials: 2
Advantage: 46 (I am assuming that it for reporting purposes does not differentiate between 24P and 48P)

On used License side we have report that we are over by 4 DNA Advantage licenses. I know we are not, it just appears to not count C9300X licenses altogether.

This irritates me as I am always greeted with message on DNAC that we are not compliant "Some of your license compliance requirements have not been met"

Is there a way to resolve this, do we need later version of DNAC?

Would appreciate your input on this.

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Accepted Solutions

Preston Chilcote
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee