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DNA Center virtual

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Is it possible to let the DNA Center run on hypervisors like Hyper-V or ESX?

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Thanks for your reply.



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as of November 2022 there is the option to deploy a DNA-C virtual appliance in AWS or on VMWare ESXi  see here for details  other platforms to follow 

Just FYI, the ESXi appliance hasn't been released yet, the blog post says that ESXi is doing EFT in 1H-2023. I've been told this will be somewhere around June 2023. We really would like to get access to the ESXi to use in our local Lab for training our staff before we roll out our SD-Access in our campus. 

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A "Lab Edition" or "Homelabbers" version of DNAC-v would be really appreciated by those who would like to lab/test/play with this technology in our work labs. It doesn't need that much scale or could be limited by 90-180 days. People don't "promote" products to their managers if they're not confident in using them. Having to learn DNAC/SDAccess in a production Environment is a great way to stunt the growth of a product.

Some food for thought.

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