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Is it possible to generate reports in DNAC for client DNS Requests?

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Level 1

I am seeing a frequent 'spikes' in dns queries/requests during peak business hours and I noticed DNA Center Assurance Client 360 under connectivity has a graph that tracks DNS Requests and Responses. Is there a way I can filter, search and or generate a report that reveals the 'top offenders/clients' for DNS Requests and Responses inside DNA Center?


So far, I am only able to see this data on a per client basis if I navigate to Assurance>Client>(Choose a Client)>Client 360>Connectivity, so I as you might imagine, it's been difficult to contextualize the full picture. 


Here is an example:



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Preston Chilcote
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Not exactly.  What you could try though is enable application telemetry to collect application usage data (this enables netflow on your cat9k access switches).  Then, in Client 360, use the time travel slider to approximately match to the time frame of a DNS spike and see what the application usage was like during the spike.  If you see a similar pattern over a few spikes, then that probably gives you a good clue about what application is responsible for the queries.


Feel free to use the Make a Wish feature in the help menu to ask for DNS reporting in a future release.  Perhaps if you had something like Stealthwatch there would be more to look at there, since its more specifically designed as a security tool.