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SD Access L3 handoff



When I configure a Transit and do a L3 IP handoff via DNAC it only offers me the option to automate it with BGP.  Can I assume I am free to manually configure a different handoff using, for example, OSPF?  So I would configure the addressing, svi's, OSPF, redistribution and the hand off interfaces manually. 

Thanks, Kev.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Kevin,

DNAC L3-Handoff is automated only with BGP.

Steps to create an IP Transit.

Steps to Add a Device as a Border node with L3 Handoff.

The idea here is to use VRF-Lite between border node and Fusion device to carry the segmentation (Virtual Networks) with BGP.

Hope that helps.


Thank you but with respect that’s not what I asked.  I know how to do an automated L3 transit with BGP via DNAC.  The question is am I free to do it manually with any protocol I choose?  Specifically can I use OSPF?  I expect I can because not all devices support BGP.  In fact I may even want to hand off to a device that only supports static routing so I would have to do that manually on the Border.


Hi Kevin, if it is an Internal Border or Internal + External Border then only BGP routes are imported into LISP, which means BGP must be used. That said, most people use an External Border (aka Default Border), in which case you may use whatever routing protocol you wish for the layer 3 handoff. Some notes for your consideration: 1. do not change anything under "router lisp", 2. test it in your lab to make sure you're clear on the protocol interactions, 3. BGP automation and BGP Border Node handoff is heavily tested by the SD-Access solutions team within Cisco and is generally recommended if possible please, although not mandatory. Thanks, Jerome

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