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VPN tunnel between CSR1000v in AWS VPC and any remote client

Now if what I am about to ask about is better suited for a different VPN protocol, please let me know. I am trying to set up the Cisco CSR1000v to be the only way into a private subnet. What I would like, is to set the CSR as the IPsec "server" that...

How to establish the CSR 1000v into an existing Azure Resource Group?

Hello, I am in the need of establishing the CSR 1000v for S2S/C2S VPN and a DMZ, but into an existing Resource Group. The templates only continues if I choose to create a new Resource Group, but that doesn't work even with S2S VPN between two vNets i...

Route-map allowing/redistributing all connected routes initially till 30sec-1min in BGP.

Hi Expert, I am using using Route-map in BGP redistribution and wants to allow one directly connected N/w but the problem encountering initially is route-map redistributing all N/ws and after 30sec to 1 min it start redistributing the right prefix ...

fsyed0001 by Beginner
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what the process sequence between PRB and NAT

Dear experts, Following is the topology --------------gigabit int 1---CSR1KV----gigabit int 2-----------ec2 Through G1 interface, I have built an ipsec tunnel to other side using VTI configuration. Under G2 interface, I have added PRB to match speci...

Announcement: Cisco Live Las Vegas 2016 lab available for "Deploying CSR 1000V in Public and Private Clouds"

We would like to announce that the instructor lab for CSR 1000v on Public/Private cloude is available in Cisco Live Las Vegas 2016. Lab Name: Deploying Cisco Cloud Services Router (CSR 1000V) in Public and Private Clouds - LTRVIR-2100Time and locati...

fangu by Enthusiast
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Can't ping internet addresses from inside networks on the CSR1000v

I have the CSR1000v setup and configured in AWS with what I thought should work. From the router I can ping google DNS of, with a simple command of "ping". But if I try to ping form the inside interface address using the "ping...

csr1000v in AWS - Which licences are on which products/AMIs?

Hi, I'm trying to make a decision on whether to go with BYOL or to get an instance with the bundled licence. Can anyone tell me which throughput licences come with which AMIs? The only info I can find is: “IPSec performance Guide: m3.medium for up t...