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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

With earlier releases of PowerTool (prior to, to get different UCS servers multiple cmdlets needs to be executed.

Suppose I have 3 UCS domains,  with 2 UCS domains containing UCS B-series and C-series servers and 3rd domain containing UCS M-series servers. To get the serial number and model of all these servers, I will have the following cmdlet.

Get-UcsBlade | select serial, model

Get-UcsRackUnit | select serial, model

Get-UcsServerUnit | select serial, model

With the advent of Get-UcsServer cmdlet in PowerTool 1.4.1 you will not have to remember all different cmdlets to get server information. Get-UcsServer cmdlets returns all the servers, be it a blade server, rack server or server unit, irrespective of form factor.

So all the 3 cmdlets above can now be replaced with 1 cmdlet as shown below:

Get-UcsServer | select serial, model

External customers - For any queries/feedback on PowerTool, contact Cisco TAC or add a discussion to Cisco Developed Integrations sub-space on Cisco UCS Communities

Internal (Cisco) customers and employees - Contact us at for support questions and or for roadmap questions and feedback.

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