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Change Boot Policy and Firmware Version for Service Profile using UCS PowerTool

I'm looking for the PowerTool syntax to modify both of these values on individual service profiles. The documentation behind most of these cmdlests is almosts non-existent.I believe the boot policy may be able to be changed like this:Set-UcsServicePr...

dempc6469 by Beginner
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Using the Python ImcSDK to set multiple BIOS parameters

Hi,I´m trying to use the Python ImcSDK to set multiple BIOS parameters in one single API-method call.I`ve seen that the UcsSdk UcsHandle have StartTransaction and CompleteTransaction methods, but I can't find similar functionality in the ImcSdk. Is t...

Resolved! get a TopRoot managed object in Cisco UCS Manager Plugin for vCenter Orchestrator 0.9(2)

I am trying to extract some OrganizationHierarchy objects via the plugin to set the destination org for deploying a service profile from a template once the user selects a UCS System. I am unable to retrieve the TopRoot object to use as a parent mana...

leahysean by Beginner
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Resolved! SCOM 2012 - How to Disable discovery/monitors for some elements

Hello,I'm using scom 2012 with the UCS Mp 2.6.2 to monitor 4 chassis with B series blades.I have two UCS domain (2 chassis on each) on two sites.In my configuration, all services profiles for the two domains are created on one UCS domain and export/i...

ucsareas1 by Beginner
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Resolved! Creating Custom Workflow Inputs and Custom Workflow Tasks

I am new to UCS Director and are using it for Automation. I can create and modify Custom Workflow Inputs as well as Custom Workflow Tasks using UCS Director Web portal.Is there any way to create or update the LOV entries Label and Values  using a scr...

Resolved! Is there any Python API to do SSH session to FI or Blades?

Hi,    I was going through Python SDK for UCSM, i didn't see any API for SSH connection to the FI or blades.Basically  what i want to achieve is to execute shell commands on the Blade OS which is CentOS using Python API's.Can i do this using this Pyt...

vipulcell by Beginner
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