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Level 4
Level 4

This script will generate the Aliases, Zones and Zone Sets for either Brocade or Cisco MDS/Nexus.

  The script only build Single Initiator/Single Target Zoning

It uses a pre-defined CSV file of SAN target information along with information gathered by UCSM.  A sample has been included in this ZIP file.

It allows you to save the configuration files to your drive or to write directly to your equipment with SSH.

It will generate the information for either all Service Profiles with vHBAs or selected ones via a multi-select menu.

Prerequisites for this script are:

  PowerShell must be enabled on your client computer. - set-executionpolicy unrestricted -force

  You must be running PowerShell version 3 or above

  You must download and install Cisco PowerTool for PowerShell from CCO Login is required

  You must download plink.exe and place in the correct folder

       You can download plink here:

            It is assumed plink will be located in this folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\PuTTY\plink.exe

                 But you can change this in the script. Search for $PlinkAndPath and edit

  You must be network connected and have reachability via SSH TCP Port 22 to your SAN Fabric Switches/Directors

  You must be network connected and have reachability via SSL TCP Port 443 to your Cisco UCS Domain

  You must have a login into your UCSM domain

  You must have a login into your SAN Fabric Switches/Directors

  You must have this script and the required CSV file in the same folder

  If outputting configurations to a file they will also be saved in the same folder as this script and CSV file

The script supports Service Profiles with vHBAs for:

  Two vHBAs: A & B Fabric

  One vHBA: A Fabric

  One vHBA: B Fabric

  It does NOT support having some Service Profiles with only an A fabric vHBA and some with only a B fabric vHBA or

  where some have two vHBAs and others only have one.

The scripts tested limits are building Single Initiator/Single Target Zones is 160 Service Profiles against a 32 Port

SAN Array (16 A and 16 B controller ports).  This is 2560 Aliases, Zones and Zone Set members per fabric.

  This is not a maximum, but a maximum tested.

It takes only a few seconds to build configurations written to file

It took ~1 second to build each zone when pushing to an MDS switch and ~4 seconds to build each zone when pushing to a Brocade switch

  For 2560 zones it took 21 minutes to the MDS and 114 minutes to the brocade for each fabric so be patient when writing to your equipment.

v0.3 - Initial published version

v0.4 - Added the ability to create all or selected zones

v0.4.01 - Minor features to adjust screen colors and menu locations for a better user experience

v0.5 - Added error handling for new zoning menu

v0.5.01 - Bug fix.  When select only the last item in the Service Profile Menu, it build 2 zones, one correct, one blank.

v0.5.02 - Now checks that you are running at least PowerShell v3

v0.5.03 - Fixed issue with single FI deployment

v0.5.05 - Added built in help.  Command line options.  Standard naming convention.

v0.5.0.7 - Added support for different quantities of ports per fabric.  Added support for a saved credentials file

v0.5.0.8 - Fixed an issue with generating configuration in a UCS with a single Service Profile

As always, let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


Community Member

Joe, awesome PS script.....!

What is the format for the data in the .csv file?  is it just controllera_name, wwpn....


Level 4
Level 4

Thanks much!  It's been super helpful to me.  I just uploaded the ZIP file that contains the script to also include a sample.  That should make it easy to figure out the format.  let me now if you have any questions!

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