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DNAC Not Accepting CCO Email Address Format


A customer's DNAC appliance is no longer able to download firmware.  CCO credentials have not changed, but the format of the username has moved to email addresses rather than user names since the appliance was configured.  When entering the email address I receive a error stating "The cisco connection online ( ID is not valid"


Can anyone confirm that this is an ongoing issue and any workarounds that can be used?

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Rising star
Rising star

Hi @madhouse75 


I had this same issue with DNA Center My CCO credentials worked without any issues when signing directly into using email format



I opened a TAC case and the engineer found the below error when tailing the logs in DNA Center. The engineer couldn't see why my account was locked and advised me to reach out to to investigate.


c.c.a.a.s.util.CCOUrlMethodExecutor | Failure reason {"error_description":"Account Locked","error":"invalid_grant"}


I tested with another CCO account and the connection worked ok. I have not had a chance to reach out to web-help yet so unsure the cause of the issue. I would advise doing this first if you have not already and see if they can identify and resolve any issues with your account.


I hope that this helps



What log did you look in to find this error message?

Tomas de Leon
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
  • Open up 2 Terminal Sessions
  • SSH to the Cisco DNA Center in each Terminal Session
$ ssh maglev@dnac.ip.address -p 2222


  • Terminal Session 1 - Run 
$ magctl service loglevel set -l debug -t 60 licensemanager 8012
$ magctl service logs -rf licensemanager | lql

In the logs search for the strings:

"POST /credentials/cco HTTP/1.1"

CSSM REST API response for saving credentials type AccountType.CCO executed with status 200

Saved cco credentials successfully



  • Terminal Session 2 - Run
$ magctl service loglevel set -l debug -t 60 license- 8012
$ magctl service logs -rf license- | lql

In the logs search for the strings:

Validating credentials

Making request to settings to save credentials with account type AccountType.CCO

Saving CCO credentials status:


  • Login to the Cisco DNA Center Admin UI and Add your Cisco.Com ID and SAVE
  • Copy the logs into Text Files and Search the Logs for Status 200 Ok or the Errors (using the Search Strings above)
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