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Questions about DNA

John Ventura
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Community, 

I am new to Digital Network Architecture technology and I have a couple of questions:

  1. What are the protocols that interact between fabric devices / ISE / DNA Center?
  2. Can you run DNA Center on VM?

Thank you for your reply

- John

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

DNA on VM: yes, runs on VM but NOT YET supported. Planned for later on.

Alexandro Carrasquedo
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Between ISE and your fabric devices, cisco trustsec is used

Between ISE and DNA Center, PxGrid is used.

Hey Alex,


I just want to clarify...


In traditional ISE deployments (non DNA Center) ISE communicates with network device (NADs) using RADIUS. The TrustSec is how polices are applied.


Are Fabric devices not seen as NADs by ISE when DNA Center is used?



Hi Allen,


Each Edge Node in the fabric is seen as  a NAD on ISE.



Hello Mohammad,


So is it safe to say that in DNA Center implementations the protocol that interacts between fabric devices and ISE is RADIUS and not Cisco Trustsec or are there other considerations?




Yes you  are  right,

ISE sends typical radius messages to the edge switches or WLCs,

The NADs will use the loopback interface to send radius messages, and you will see these entries normally in the ISE. 

No other considerations.

You need to be familier with trustsec and SGTs to apply policies that are not a must.

You can start with simple authorization profiles without using the tustsec.


Thank you Mohammad.



Farhan Mohamed
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

1-Ans- Trustsec, Pxgrid, NDP, SMNP etc are few protocols which work in DNA center, there are many as well.

2.Ans- As of Now DNA center cannot run as VM for ver 1.1, It might be supported in future versions.

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