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Accelerate your strategic planning

Get the inside information you need to plan your technology strategy with Cisco's online digital user group - exclusively for customers and partners - that is now part of the Cisco Insider experience.

What to Expect:

Engage with product teams and share best practices around Cisco technologies in private community forums.

What you'll gain:

Direct access to product owners, roadmap sessions, technical briefings and beta programs.



What's Happening in Cisco Insider User Group


Technical Briefings:

  • TBD

Archived Roadmaps & Briefings:

  • Webex App Update (Calling Focused)
  • Devices Roadmap Update: Phones, Headsets, & Cameras
  • CSR 14 SU2 and SU3 Update
  • Security and Routing Enhancements for CUBE and SRST
  • Security Enhancements and look ahead for CUCM
  • Hybrid Work
  • Security Enhancements and Look Ahead for CUCM
  • VPN-less CTI and Expressway Update and Feedback
  • Desktop Devices & Wearables: Roadmap Update

Suggest Product Enhancement Ideas:

Submit feature requests directly to Cisco product teams!
Vote on ideas from other Cisco customers.


Technical Briefings:

  • TBD: ISE Update

Archived Roadmaps & Briefings:

  • Cisco DNA Service for Bonjour
  • Securing the Campus Edge with IPsec and MACsec
  • Smart and Sustainable Buildings with Catalyst 9K Switching
  • IOS-XE Programmability Updates & YANG Suite 3.0
  • Roadmap: Catalyst 9K Switching Innovations
  • Cisco ISE 3.2 for You
  • Zero Trust for the Workplace – The Role of Network Segmentation in a Zero Trust Architecture
  • Understanding the Latest Cisco SD-Access Innovations with DNA Center 2.2.3
  • Hybrid Work
  • New Cisco Catalyst 9500X & Catalyst 9600X Core - Powered by Silicon One Q200 ASIC


 Technical Briefings:

  • March 28: From Secure Firewall to Workload, The Future of Network Security
  • TBD: ISE Update

Archived Roadmaps & Briefings:

  • Umbrella Session
  • Cisco ISE 3.2 for You
  • Zero Trust for the Workplace – The Role of Network Segmentation in a Zero Trust Architecture
  • Cisco Secure Web Appliance Strategy and Roadmap
  • Hybrid Work
  • Cloud-enabled ISE for Hybrid Workplace
  • Simplified Threat analysis and response with SecureX Orchestration
  • Scalable Cisco Firewall Logging On-Premises
  • Simplified Threat analysis and response with SecureX Orchestration

Early Adopter Programs:

  • Cisco Identity Services Engine Trial

Data Center

Technical Briefings:

  • March 16: Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Capture-the-Flag (CTF) Hands-on Lab

Archived Roadmaps & Briefings:

  • Data Center Automation and Infrastructure as Code
  • IaC CTF
  • Nexus Dashboard Insights CTF Hands-on Lab
  • Evolving Data Center Optics to Higher Speeds
  • Nexus Platform 400G/800G Evolution
  • See and Experience the Power of Nexus Dashboard Insights (NDI)
  • Nexus Cloud CTF Hands-on Lab
  • New Product Introduction - Nexus Cloud!
  • Nexus Dashboard Fabric Controller (NDFC) with Insights CTF Hands-on Lab
  • Architecting the Telco Data Center with NX-OS and Nexus Dashboard Fabric Controller
  • SAN Analytics Lab: Finding the Needle in the Haystack
  • SAN Innovations: 64G FC Fabric Switches
  • Expert Q&A: NX-OS Best Practices
  • ACI Guided Lab
  • ACI Escalation Engineer: Lessons from the Front Lines



What Members Have To Say
Casey 10X100.png
Casey Teague — “We love how Cisco is breaking the fourth wall and involving their partners and customers in product discussions.”
Igor 100x100.png
Igor Lukic — CCP is a great way to provide feedback on and influence product decisions."
Sandro 100x100.png
Sandro Nardi — “CCP briefings and trials make me feel a part of the developing process for a better product while giving a preview of what will be next. Priceless!”
Matt M 100x100.png
Matt Miktus — “At times, working in technology can feel overwhelming with constant development & perpetual advancements. The CCP allows engineers to stay current and have a voice in this process.”