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Unable to start CAF on freshly installed IR809

Hi there,

I have some problems adding a new IR809 into FogDirectory. It was freshly installed with the bundle named ir800-universalk9-bundle.SPA.156-3.M2.bin ( IOX: Cisco-GOS,version- , IOS: version 15.6 )

As I've searched until now, it looks like the CAF hosting framework is not running in IOX.

I have a NAT rule for IOX like this: ip nat inside source static (this exposes all the IOX ports on so it does not look like a routing problem.

If I try to access the local manager (on ) I get a connection refused in browser.

The output from monit summary looks like this (and it looks like caf process is not available):

IR800-GOS-1:/software/caf# monit summary

Cannot translate 'IR800-GOS-1' to FQDN name -- Temporary failure in name resolution

The Monit daemon 5.14 uptime: 3d 19h 51m

Process 'dmo'                       Running

File 'product_id'                   Accessible

File 'hwid'                         Accessible

File 'svcbr0'                       Accessible

File 'ioxcaps'                      Accessible

Process 'caf'                       Not monitored

File 'cgroup'                       Not monitored

System 'qemux86-64'                 Running

Do you know if there are solutions to this problem?

Thank you,


Steve Zhang
Cisco Employee

From the information you listed, the CAF (IOX Framework) is not started successfully. That's the reason you could not access the Local Manager.

You may re-install the GOS with a new GOS image from CCO with the below commands.

IR800# copy scp://userid@scpServerIp//ir829/ir800-ioxvm-1.x.x.x.bin flash:

IR800# guest-os 1 stop

IR800# guest-os 1 image uninstall

IR800# guest-os 1 image install flash:ir800-ioxvm-1.x.x.x.bin verify

IR800# guest-os 1 start

It is also possible to install the Guess OS image from the bundle with the option of "exclude HV-IOS". For example: "bundle install flash:ir800-universalk9-bundle.SPA.15x-x.xx.bin exclude HV-IOS".

Hi Steve,

Thank you for answer.

I've managed to solve the problem by changing the file /software/caf/work/product_id as described in 15-6-3M2-Release-Notes (Cisco IOS Release 15.6(3)M2 - Release Notes for Cisco IR800 Industrial Integrated Services Routers and Cisco 1000 Series…).

Best regards,

Radu Pintilie

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