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Installing cisco 303

Hiand thanks in advance for your help. I have to reinstall the Cisco 303 for my employer. I reset the phone to factory settings since they didn't remember the password. Did this plus the manual with it to reset the phone.But now the phone does nothin...

mac address drop

hello some of my pc in our network is disconnected from domainwhen i checked the access  switch and sh mac address able the vlan and interface showing drop. when i remove radius authentication from the interface .its working fine . and when i put it ...

Cisco Switches password configuration

Hey Everybody that visit's this Thread. i have used a couple different models of switches and every time i set this string of commands enable>conf t>secret>password my switch doesn't take my password.  i think it might be because of some of the chara...

Licencing Cisco virtual asa

Hi, What options are available for licencing Cisco virtual asa? I know for manual typing activation key in cli. Believe there is also option for via asdm. But if I activate licence at licencing portal on Cisco site, will it be enough for asa that whe...

Switch question

I might be looking in all the wrong places for the answer for this. And haven’t really found the correct answer from my findings.Is the following switch a layer 3 or layer 2 with some layer 3 functionality?Cisco WS-C2960C-8PC-L 8 Port Fast Ethernet P...

Python use in multiple switch for the same command

I am having around 50 cisco 2960 and 2960X switches. Every time I have to run the IP INT BRIEF | IN UP command on all switch to check the interface status. It is very hard to me login each and every device and run the command.Is their anything soluti...

vyas.2020 by Beginner
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When you buy Cisco...

On a podcast I listen to, a guy (Mark Rippetoe) was talking about his super fast BMW. He says "When you buy a BMW, it's not really about buying a car, it's about establishing a relationship with your BMW service department".Reading some emails from C...

weggh by Beginner
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Applying to my dream role!

Hey Cisco Community! I have been eyeing my dream intern role at Cisco for a while now, and have been able to get a good amount of relevant work experience of almost 1+ years of product mgmt intern experience that tailors well to thus role.I am applyi...

astuk by Beginner
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Routers with no license

Help me settle something here. I have pro services set up 2x 8300 routers(active passive) for our wan with 1gb interfaces. Since it’s been set up we’ve been having qos issues. Voice, vpn, etc it’s just a mess! Thing is the 1gb bandwidth is not even b...

fugio9 by Beginner
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Wlan LED leuchtet nicht

Ich habe mir einen Cisco WAP561 zugelegt und die Power-Anzeige plus die Ethernet-Anzeige leuchtet. Die Power-LED leuchtet durchgehend und die Ethernet-Anzeige blinkt. Im Gegensatz zu den LEDs leuchtet die Wlan-Anzeige nie, was könnte da der Fehler se...

alinak by Beginner
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