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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I am using this XML to try to create a meeting on, just to test creating a meeting.

<serv:message xmlns:xsi=""><header><securityContext><webExID>office123</webExID><password>abc123</password><siteID>690319</siteID><partnerID>g0webx!</partnerID></securityContext></header><body><bodyContent xsi:type="java:com.webex.service.binding.meeting.CreateMeeting"><accessControl><meetingPassword>pass123</meetingPassword></accessControl>

<metaData><confName>Sample Meeting</confName><meetingType>1</meetingType><agenda>Test</agenda></metaData>

<participants><maxUserNumber>1</maxUserNumber><attendees><attendee><person><name>James Kirk</name><email></email></person></attendee></attendees></participants><enableOptions><chat>true</chat><poll>true</poll><audioVideo>true</audioVideo></enableOptions><schedule><startDate>05/31/2014 10:10:10</startDate><openTime>900</openTime><joinTeleconfBeforeHost>true</joinTeleconfBeforeHost><duration>20</duration><timeZoneID>4</timeZoneID></schedule><telephony><telephonySupport>CALLIN</telephonySupport><extTelephonyDescription>Call 1-800-555-1234, Passcode 98765</extTelephonyDescription></telephony></bodyContent></body></serv:message>

But I get this error back:

xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>< serv:message xmlns:serv="" xmlns:com="" xmlns:meet="" xmlns:att=""><serv:header><serv:response><serv:result>FAILURE</serv:result><serv:reason>The user or site does not support this meeting type</serv:reason><serv:gsbStatus>PRIMARY</serv:gsbStatus><serv:exceptionID>110002</serv:exceptionID></serv:response></serv:header><serv:body><serv:bodyContent/></serv:body></serv:message>.

Can you tell me valid meeting types on the sandbox webex server or tell me what might be the error within the XML that might be falsely reporting a meetingType error?


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Geevarghese Cheria
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi John,

It is mentioned in this url that Create Meeting 

please try to remove the <meetingType>1</meetingType> tag from your xml and try to send and If you are POSTing to, please make sure the siteID and partnerID are the ones associated with

Also please refer  cant see created meeting on the site

for related information.

Thanks and Regards,

I am pposting to apidemo.

And, I am not able to create a meeting without a meeting type.

I did a list of all the meeting types and found one that worked, "105".



     If you do not include the meetingType element, the XML API service will automatically select the highest available meeting type without input. Note that this means not using a null <meetingType></meetingType>, but to completely remove the element tags.

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