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Announcing Cisco Mobile for Android


Heard about our new WebEx app for Android?

Well, we are also very proud to announce Cisco Mobile for Android.

You may already be familiar with our successful Cisco Mobile 8.1 app for iPhone:

As a reminder, Cisco Mobile is an app that lets you place, receive, and manage calls over a Wi-Fi network using your smartphone.

Cisco Mobile for Android turns your smartphone into an IP phone, while also providing corporate directory lookup and enterprise telephony calling features.

You can run Cisco Mobile for Android in the background to receive calls but not interfere with other applications on your smartphone. With Cisco Mobile, you can also:

·       Use your business phone number for outgoing and incoming calls, masking your personal phone number

·       Move calls from a Wi-Fi to a cellular network, keeping calls live without disconnecting

·       Move calls to your Cisco Unified IP Phone and back, so you can roam while continuing calls

Cisco Mobile for Android features utilize the native Android interface, making them easy to use:

·       Add, conference, and swap calls with multiple callers using simple soft-key commands

·       Be alerted to and listen to your office voice messages with a single click

·       Access your company directory while you are on the go

Cisco Mobile for Android will be available to download in late March 2011.

To learn more, visit and read the datasheet.

You can also read what Samsung had to say about the value of Cisco Mobile in their Feb 13 press release.

So what kind of Android phone do you have? We don't officially support Cisco Mobile on all Android phones, but that doesn't mean you can't give it a try. Come back in late March and give it a try?

Mark Gervase

Collaboration Marketing

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Rebranded as Cisco Jabber for Android, the app is now available for download in the Android Market. Learn more:


To make this product work with CUCM, the admin guide says to download and install on CUCM the Android device COP file. ( page 5 of the Administration Guide for Cisco Jabber 8.6 for Android)

As of this morning this file does not seem to exist on the Cisco software downloads.

Where can it be found?


William, the admin guide states that you can obtain the device COP file via your Cisco account team.


Thank You.  They have changed the Admin guide

The Admin Guide I downloaded yesterday said it is available on line.

I will attempt to get it through the account team.

Will, I think you're right. There were a few edits made to the original guide, so you must have downloaded the very earliest version. Thanks for your interest and I hope this process goes well for you.


Apparantly there is an A2Q process to get the file.  Even for a lab system.

where can i found the COP file?

Laura Douglas
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor


In an earlier post in this thread, you'll see that our product expert Mark responded to just this question.  His response:

"... the admin guide states that you can obtain the device COP file via your Cisco account team."

Hope that helps!

Laura Douglas

Cisco Collaboration Community Manager

Has the COP file for Android changed since the beta of Cisco Mobile for Android?

The file I have is cmterm-autobot-12.cop.sgn

Hi Jason,

The COP file has changed slightly since the beta, so you will need the new COP file for the new release. Your Cisco account team or Authorized Channel Partner will be able to work with you to get the COP file as part of the A2Q and New Product Hold process.


Collaboration Marketing

Can you direct me to the Admin Guide? I can't seem to find it on


Take a look at this one for now until it makes it way to CCO

This is where it should be but right now when I click on the Install link nothing shows up



Will there be a Cisco VPN client for the Android?  The Jabber 8.6 FAQ mentions the use of a VPN connection when you're off the corporate wi-fi.

Yep on the roadmap. Today one can use the native Android VPN client but not officially supported


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