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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi everyone,

Would you like to try out the redesigned desktop and the new features of Finesse 12.0 before it comes out? Or would you like to start developing your custom applications using the new APIs before the release so that your application is ready when the release comes out? Well, now you can!


DevNet is proud to present to you the Finesse 12.0 EFT sandbox! With the UX refresh coming in 12.0, we wanted you to be able to preview and get accustomed to the new desktop. Also, we want to give you the opportunity to validate your custom gadget(s) as well as update them to align to the new look-and-feel of Finesse 12.0 so that it can be ready when 12.0 is released. 


Not sure what the new 12.0 features are? Well, here are highlights of the key aspects you can try out in the Finesse 12.0 sandbox:

  1. New UX for agents and supervisors, which includes the following:
    • New look-and-feel of Finesse
    • Left navigation bar, which can be pinned/unpinned by users
    • Pop-Over for incoming call and digital channels
    • Customizable Finesse header
    • Customizable Finesse logo and heading
    • Brighter and bolder Voice State Control
    • Voice State Control and Digital Channel State Control, side by side, in the header
    • Search and set Wrap-Up reason
    • New PhoneBook and one-click calling UX
    • Agent Active Call details for Supervisor from the Team Performance Gadget
    • Confirmation prompt prior to browser close
  2. New Features:
    • Desktop Chat using IM&P service as the backend (This covers Agent to Agent, Agent to Supervisor, Supervisor to Agent, Agent to Subject Matter Expert chat)
    • Team Messages (Supervisor broadcast)
    • Force Wrap-up reason
    • Countup/down timer for Wrap-Up state
    • Multi-select Wrap-Up reasons (UCCX only)
    • Web-sockets support for OpenFire
    • Workflow support extended to digital channels
    • Headless gadgets
  3. API support:
    • Finesse APIs would be backward compatible
    • New Finesse APIs:
      1. Pop-Over for digital channels
      2. Digital Channel State Control
    • Supported browsers:
      1. IE11 Native mode with Windows 10
      2. Edge with Windows 10 (Microsoft Edge 41.16299.15.0 and higher)
      3. Chrome v60 and up
      4. Firefox ESR 52 and higher ESRs
    • Supported OS:
      1. Windows 10
      2. MAC OS X
      3. ChromeBook


NOTE: This is an early preview of Finesse 12.0, so this version of Finesse does not contain all of the features that will be available in 12.0. The features that are in the build have been tested thoroughly, but are not guaranteed to be bug free. The intention of this sandbox is to get a sneak peek into the new features of 12.0 or even get a head start to building your applications against the new 12.0 APIs!


Here is the link to the sandbox:


Please note that this sandbox can be utilized by UCCE & PCCE customers too, as the Finesse features and UX redesign is equivalent on all deployments (unless there are nuances which are very specific to UCCX). The sandbox can be used to validate the UI/CSS elements across all deployments.


This sandbox is preconfigured with agents, phones, scripts, etc. So, reserve your Finesse for UCCX 12.0 DevNet Sandbox today for FREE!


We would like to know your thoughts. If you have any questions, issues, or comments, please leave them as a comment on this page. We will gladly take both positive and negative comments. Does your custom gadget not work in 12.0? It should, so let us know if it doesn’t! We look forward to your feedback.



Rajiv Krishnan

Product Manager, Cisco Finesse




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