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I am setting up a bulk update in CUCM to add jabber phones to all my deskphone users. I have a bat phone template I adapted from one I made for desk phones and I have a user template for use with "Update Users - Custom File".  I have used the users template to associate new phones with existing users and I can adapt it to Enable the users for Presence and assign a UC Service Profile. Both templates have all the common settings and the CSV files have the phone/user specific settings. So far so good.


I found two columns for the phone CSV file called "User ID 1" and "Owner User ID" used for associations between the phone and the user. I think "User ID 1" will associate the user with the phone and "Owner User ID" will associate the phone with the user.


Am I correct?


Also, if the Users CSV file has the column "Controlled Device 1" should I leave the "User ID 1" column out of the phone CSV file? It seems like both columns do the same thing and might create a double association.

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