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Where are the latest XSD download files

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Created by: Jeff Kissinger on 26-02-2013 04:51:19 PM
Can anyone tell me where the latest download is for the XSD schema files for the XML API?  At the link there is only a download for the XML 6.0 schema files.  These 6.0 xsd files are not valid xsd because the actual XML sent needs to reference xsi types java:com.webex.service.binding.user.GetUser for example which don't exist in the xsd.  The xml can't validate against the xsd files because of this and coding this ambiguity up is proving to be difficult.

Subject: RE: Where are the latest XSD download files
Replied by: Nathan Morrow on 27-02-2013 06:28:28 PM
Most developers I've seen use the xsd to build their XML documents will build the xsi:type value in the format <service type>:<complex type>, such as <bodyContent xsi:type="user:GetUser">, which will be accepted by the XML server as valid. XML 6.0.0 schema is the latest available at the time of this post. XML 6.0.0 is the latest available version for T27 sites, while T28 sites use XML 7.1.0 or 7.3.0 depending on whether they are production sites or development test sites. XML documents following the 6.0.0 schema will be valid for XML 7.1.0 or 7.3.0, as they are backward compatible.
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