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Geevarghese Cheria
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

7970 IP Phone will not Boot

After a factory reset the 7970 ip phone will not boot up.

- Screen shows "Cisco Systems - Copyright 2002-2005, Cisco Systems, Inc", and has a checkmark on the bottom left corner

- The line buttons are lighting up in sequence from top to bottom

- The Headset key is lit and stays that way

- After about 15 seconds, the screen dims and the check mark changes to a bullseye sign.

- There is no response from any of the keys when pressing them (including the Settings Key)



  • If you press the settings button on the phone and if the options such as network settings comes up then you need to navigate to  settings > network configuration > IPv4 configuration and make sure the phone has an IP address, subnet mask, default Gate Way and TFTP server correctly assigned.

Solution 2

        In most cases the reason why the phone shows a blank screen is  because its unable to  contact its tfp server after you have performed a hard  reset on it. Follow the steps below to resolve the issue

  • Download and Install a tftp server like tftpd32.
  • Download the firmware for the 7970 phone to the tftp server directory
  • You must create a  SEP<MAC-ADRESS>.cnf.xml, XMLDefault.cnf.xml (Information about the  load) and upload the firmware files

Note:The termXX.default.loads file on your TFTP server will be sometimes different than what you  have on CUCM. You  probably just need to have the newest firmware.

  • Configure a seperate vlan and dhcp scope for the IP phone.
  • Assign  the pc ip where your tftp server is installed as the tftp ip.
  • On your DHCP  scope, put your option 150 as the ip address of the machine hosting the  tftp server.
  • Point the phone to your TFTP server
  • TFTPd32 receive the request and send the appropriate files to the  phone.

   Now you will be able to find the phone getting Booted with the new Firmware

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