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Level 10
Level 10

Core Issue

After the Tool for Auto-registered Phone Support (TAPS) is installed on the Customer Response Solution (CRS) server, all of the calls to the computer telephony integration (CTI) route point fail, and the caller hears dead air. The caller hears no ringback prompts, such as a busy tone or an engage tone.

All of the configuration settings are in place. TAPS is installed without any errors on the logs. The script, the Java Telephony API (JTAPI) trigger, and the application are all present. In addition, the Alternative Automatic Rerouting (AAR) files run properly.


This issue occurs due to a codec mismatch because, by default, TAPS .wav files are codec G711, but CRS uses the G729 codec. There are two ways in order to resolve this issue:

  • Install TAPS on a different server.

  • Or, complete these steps in order to convert the TAPS prompts to G729:

    1. Make sure that the prompt names are unique and do not match any in Cisco CallManager and that Cisco CallManager uses G729.

    2. Collect the prompts in the g.711 format. They must be .wav files.

    3. Copy them into a Cisco CallManager that runs the MOH Audio Translator service. Copy the files into the subdirectory of the server:

      C:\Program Files\Cisco\MOH\DropMOHAudioSourceFilesHere

    4. Wait for some time, and collect the output files in C:\ProgramFiles\Cisco\TFTPPath\MOH.

      The audio quality is of the Cisco CallManager grade.

Refer to Working with the Tool for Auto-Registered Phones Support for more information about the TAPS.

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