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Greeshma Bernad
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


WIth Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 8.0, the Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD) Supervisors keep getting the pop up error "Supervisor has failed to start device monitor on" when they try to do the desktop monitoring.


  1. Make sure that

    • All services in UCCX are "in service"
    • Span to PC port is enabled on all agent/supervisor phones
    • The option to Advertise G.722 codec is disabled
    • Ran PostInstall on supervisor and agent PC and pointed Voip Monitor IP to their respective local NICs

  2. Run a Route Plan report on the UCCX DN and make sure that only one instance is shown. This is because only one device can be associated with the UCCX DN or the system may look for an RTP stream with an incorrect MAC ID. The exception would be: There is an option for HOT SEATs.  This is where several agents share an extension but this extension will still have to remain on a single  device.

    Note: In some cases, when Extension Mobility is set up and the agents are logged into Extension Mobility and the CAD, the Device Profile and the actual phone may appear in the Route Plan Report.

  3. Open the Desktop Administrator and ensure the Desktop Monitoring Option is selected for the appropriate agent. Also check the selected VOIP Monitoring server.

  4. Check the NIC Binding.  Ensure the NIC you are using for the capture is the primary in the NIC binding order. Disable the wireless NICs if any.

  5. Disable the Windows Firewall in the services option of the desktops for the Agent and Supervisor.

  6. Disable any antivirus that you may have on the desktop.  This may indicate there is a port blocking issue with the application.  In some cases, we would need to add rules or exceptions for firewalls or applications not to block certain ports.

  7. If all the above fail, download a common program for capturing traffic. Once installed, place the agent on a call with the UCCX Extension, select the proper NIC and see if there is an RTP stream present in the capture.  If there is, then the phone is working properly and the RTP stream is being delivered to the Desktop.  If not, then we would look on the phone side to determine what the issue may be.

Also refer:

This document was generated from the following thread: CAD Client Configuration on UCCX 8 Question

Vinay Sharma
Level 7
Level 7

Nice information Greeshma.

Level 1
Level 1

This is awesome!

Most of the times I just need to look into SPAN link and/or postinstall.exe to fix the issues

However the customer has a valid question now: Why should I run postinstall to configure the appropriate NIC? Why it won’t happen automatically? Our agent’s desktops have 3 NIC’s and I see some time postinstall pointing to the wrong NIC which causes problem in monitoring.

I am still researching for the right answer/solutionL

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