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twalker.jpgTim Walker is an escalation engineer within the Cisco TelePresence Solutions Group (TSG) in Cisco’s Technical Assistance Center, Reston, Virginia. Before joining Cisco, he worked at TANDBERG as a product support engineer (SME) for TANDBERG TelePresence Management Suite (TMS) products, TMS Microsoft Exchange integration, and Lotus Notes integration products. Tim Walkeris an escalation engineer within the Cisco TelePresence Solutions Group (TSG) in Cisco’s Technical Assistance Center, Reston, Virginia

The following experts were helping Tim to answer few of the questions asked during the session: Teodor Todor and Senait Mebrah. Teodor Todor and Senait Mebrah are experts in TelePresence Products..






You can download the slides of the presentation in PDF format at TelePresence Management Suite Extension (TMSXE 3.0) Presentation.Faqs from the live broadcast can be viewed at: The related Ask The Expert sessions is available at Ask the Expert: TelePresence Management Suite Extension (TMSXE 3.0). The Complete Recording of this live Webcast can be accessed here.



TelePresence Management Suite Extension (TMSXE 3.0) Configuration

Q. Can I integrate TMS with TMSXE so that the Customer can book a video conference room using Outlook?

A. Yes. TMSXE provides a connector between the Exchange server and TMS server, so users can book a video conference room meeting just like normal meetings using Outlook.


Q. Does Cisco support TMSXE 3.0 on the same Win2008 Server with TMS? If so, where can I find information about this scenario?

A. Yes, it is supported to run TMSXE 3.0 on the same server on which TMS is running. Refer to the installation guide for more information.


Q. Can I book a meeting that only has dial-in participants from Outlook?

A. Yes. If you have published the custom Cisco IP Phone, then you are provided the option (to click) and the IP Phone has the ability to build external participants.


Q. Can I book just a web conference from Outlook?

A. No. It is not possible to book only a web conference from Outlook. If you do not add any particpants to the conference, the tools will look and see whether they are integrated. As a result, such a case is not possible.


Q. Can I book meetings using Outlook Web Access (OWA)?

A. Yes, you can book meetings using OWA for both Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010.


Q. I want my rooms and my resources to have separate identities. Is this functionality supported?

A. Yes. Rooms and video resources can have separate identities. As long as the user population is associated, then it is possible. However, the best practice is for room and video resources to share one identity.


Q. What permissions are required on the resource mailboxes?

A. For resource mailboxes, the TMS service needs to have mailbox access.


Q. What permissions are required on the resource AD accounts?

A. For resource AD accounts, the application and service account need to have send and receive access from the AD accounts.


TelePresence Management Suite Extension (TMSXE 3.0) Installation

Q. How can I build redundancy in TMSXE?

A. TMSXE cannot be installed in redundant mode. However, you can use TMS in redundant mode, but you have to use the virtual IP of the load balancer in order to connect to TMS.

Q. Do I need a separate server in order to install the TMSXE? Can I install it on the Exchange server?

A. It is not recommended that you install it on the Exchange server, but you can install on the TMS server.


Q. I heard that TMSXE 4.0 is coming out. When will this occur? What main features will it contain?

A. The release date has not yet been decided. More information will be available soon.


Q. Can TMSXE be on the same server where I have TMS Extension Provisioning?

A. This scenario is not recommended, as you will force too much on your TMS.


Q. Is it possible to use several Exchange servers "Connected" to only one TMSXE?­

A. Yes, its possible to use several Exchange servers connected to only one TMSXE. The tool itself will point to only one server it is running on. If that is a cluster of Exchange servers for redundancy, and say one cluster server goes down, then the application is going to hit one TMSXE server connected.


Q. Do you plan to allow the booking of users, as in the TMS full scheduling interface, in a future release? This could be useful if you have Jabber video clients and TMS integrated with AD/LDAP. Perhaps the users could receive an invitation?

A. Here, we are talking about Exchange rooms in the sense that you can not really create a mailbox room for users. As of now, movi users can only be added from the Outlook form as a sip video client.


Q. Can I Co-locate (COLO) TMSXE and TMS on the virtual machine?

A. Yes, we do support TMSXE and TMS on the virtual machine. We require resources on seperate VM machines, and you need to make sure the virtual machine has ample resources in order to run.


Q. In installation step 2. exchange web services, I received an error message: "Error: The specified domain does not exist or cannot be contacted. The mail domain is another one as the AD domain."

A. Verify that all the fields are filled in correctly. You may be receiving this error because of one of the following, so make sure:

a. The TMSXE server is member server in domain.

b. There is a Trust relation between the domains.

c. Log in to TMSXE and check the permission within the domain.


Q. If I book three endpoints for a conference through Outlook, and it wants to use MCU, will TMS add MCU automatically?

A. Yes, if TMS is configured to add MCU for multipoint calls.


Q. What is the recommended VM environment for TMSXE?

A. The recommended environment is Windows 2008 with 2GB RAM. Make sure the ports open for http, https, and between TMSXE, Exchange server. Refer to this document for more information: TelePresence Management Suite Extension (TMSXE 3.0) Presentation.


Q. Does this require any additional licenses for the integration of TMS and Exchange?

A. No additional licenses are required. It is only an application integration with the Exchange numbers in the system. As a result, no additional license is required.


Q. What will happen if I try to book some endpoints through Outlook if those endpoints are down right now and the meeting is scheduled for a later time?

A. TMS knows the status of the system and also know the availability of the system. When the conference is kicked off, the still meeting will still be booked. As far as the availability of Exchange is concerned, the system is available at a time, and, as far as TMS is concerned, TMS is available at a time. Booking is scheduled for system can be actually done and the bookings will be updated in TMS and Exchange.


Q. Does the room resource need to have auto accept configured in Exchange?

A. It is not required in this Version TMSXE 3.0.


Q. Will this session be archived?

A. The recording of this session and a document with all the questions and answers from today's session will be posted at this URL in 5 business days:




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