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Created by: Stefan Biebl on 10-02-2010 10:18:17 AM
Hi Team,
we encountered a problem with the new Model Series on a 6941.
We observe our phones via a CiscoTerminalObserver and CiscoAddressObserver.
When we sendData()
<CiscoIPPhoneExecute><ExecuteItem URL="Init:Services"/></CiscoIPPhoneExecute>
everything works fine and any potentially open dialogs disappear.
When we sendData()
<CiscoIPPhoneExecute><ExecuteItem URL="http://server/test.asp"/></CiscoIPPhoneExecute>
the phone indicates an XML-Parser Error 4 is display, in Console-log of the phone specified as "wrong URI", and as <CiscoIPPhoneError> we get "Error 1 = Error parsing CiscoIPPhoneExecute object".
We have several phones in our environment, 7940/1/2/5 + 7960/1/2/5 + 7920/1 + 7970 and all phones execute this URL call to an external webserver without problems.
The ASP-page is conform to text/xml.
When i call an ASP-page from a directory-entry the page displays fine. Only the IPPhoneExecute won't work.
The 6941 phone has active Software and is registered to a CUCM 7.1(3).
Is there any restriction to call external XML-pages on the phone via IPPhoneExec or is the 6941 expecting any new/different format of the IPPhoneExec?
Thanks for your help
Best regards

Subject: RE: CiscoIPPhoneExecute on 6941
Replied by: Anitha V on 24-03-2010 09:22:29 AM
Hi Stefan,
Do you have the corresponding Wireshark capture for this issue?
Thanks and Regards,

Subject: RE: CiscoIPPhoneExecute on 6941
Replied by: Roland Russwurm on 24-03-2010 07:51:10 PM
Hi Anitha,
this seems to be the same issue as the thread "Problem with ExecuteItem and 69xx phones" which I posted on the "IP Phone Services Questions" forum. There you will also find the wireshark traces that I sent with the first post.
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