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Harmit Singh
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Community Tech-Talk series is designed to bring technical Experts from Cisco to share their insights on specific topics, selectively chosen based on most-common conversation themes on our technology area on community from our technology communities.

Session Objectives:

  •     What could possibly break Replication
  •     Confusion on how to fix Replication, and when!
  •     Understanding RTMT Settings and Replication Status
  •     Database Improvements in CUCM 9.0
  •     Questions from the Cisco Support Community

Watch the Tech-Talk and checkout the related Blog

I hope this has been an informative session and proves useful for dbreplication issues. Please do share your feedback and opinion via the comments session below.

For detailed dbreplication troubleshooting procedures, there is already a comprehensive document available in the community:Troubleshooting CUCM Database Replication in Linux Appliance Model

Additional Reference:

Thank you!


RTMT status all have "FIX: ?"

Agenda of the document hasn't been achieved.

The mentioned link is far more helpful.

Harmit Singh
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Could you please elaborate on your query? I didn't quite follow it.

The agenda of the document was to only aid in the tech talk video. It was never meant to be a detailed document. Also, this tech talk was not a troubleshooting tech talk, it was to understand what the various dbreplication commands mean and how to interpret it. I had linked the document you mentioned to the blog already, incase someone wanted insights on how to troubleshoot dbreplication issues.

If you had some specific questions in mind, please do share it and I'll do my best to address them.

Thanks and regards,


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