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Walter Solano
Level 7
Level 7

In UCCX we can configure automatic recording for the agents that our agents handle, its important to notice that its recommended to not record all of the calls that comes into our call center that can cause performance issues in our server ALSO ITS NOT SUPPORTED BY CISCO TAC. "The recording functionality is intended for “on demand” use only, and not for recording all calls in the contact center" (Cisco CAD Installation Guide, 2009, p.22)

In case that you would like to know how many concurrent session does your server support, that information its in the release notes of each UCCX version under the scalability session.

Now, I will tell you the necessary steps to acomplish this task.

  • Establish a remote session towards the server and open the Cisco Desktop Admin tool (Start->Programs->Cisco->Admin)


  • This configuration needs to be done in each workflow that you would like to enable this feature, in this document I am going to use the default workflow but you can either create a copy of the default one for this purpose or use one that already configured.


  • Once you selected the desire work flow go to CAD agent and select the Voice Contact Work Flow option. We are going to create a new one for this purpose.

create contact.JPG

  • In this case we will use the "Inbound Calls" option, After do a click in edit to to assign a the condition that will trigger the execution our workflow, for most cases the Calling# is not empty will accomplish our requirements.


  • Now we need to create rule and assigned the acction that will be exected. To this select the Answered event after that create a new rule by clicking the new button under the rules menu.

create rule.JPG

  • Now we need to assigned an action to our new rule for that click under the add button under the action colum, and go to the Utility Action tab, and create a new action, uder the action type select the Record option and assigned it the start action.

Start Recording action.JPG

  • Now that we had create the new action we need to enable it by creating a new rule condition to do that just do a click in the edit option under the current role condition and select the calling# is not empty configution after that aprove the rule by doing a click in Ok.

Rule enable.JPG

  • Finally we need to apply the rule, and repeat the same process but this time to stop the recording we need to select the "Dropped" event and under the util action we need to select the stop recording option.


  • Now we need to assigned the workflow to our agents, to do that In the CDA go to "Desktop Administrator" menu and select the option for "Site A"

Site A.JPG

  • The new window will request for a username and password. Default values are username "admin" and live the password as blank.

Site A loggin.JPG

  • To assigned the agents to the proper workflow go to the Agents configuation under the Personnel menu and select the desire work flow

workflow assig.JPG

  • Finally we need to tell our agents to logout from CAD and login back, so they can download the new workflow configuration.
Nikolay Kozyrev
Level 1
Level 1

Hi, Walter.

Thank you for such detailed description.

I've done all steps according with instruction but i could not find audio record files.

I have added voice contact workflow to CAD-BE agent instead of CAD Agent. It was my mistake.

When i do the same steps at CAD Agent menu  - I saw raw files at C:\Programm Files\Cisco\Desktop_Audio folder.  But they all has *.RAW 1KB size. Is it correct ? I've talked over 1 min and only 1KB Any ideas ?

Walter Solano
Level 7
Level 7

My advice will be check first if normal monitor works, if is working try to get an sniffer trace in the server to see if the RTP is getting there from the CAD

Level 1
Level 1

Hi Walter,

Do you think anything similar is possible with IPPA?


Level 1
Level 1

After some investigation, it seems that the required workflow configuration is only available for CAD. On-demand recording is the only option available for IPPA.

Arundeep Nagaraj
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Although recording all calls is not recommended, for various reasons outlined in this thread, it is supported. The Data Sheet makes this clear in Table 7:

These are simultaneous recordings and playbacks. So, recording all calls is supported (although not recommended) if it is below the simultaneous recordings listed in the Data Sheet for that server class and the space allotted, is not full. If the space is full, all recording stops.

Another reason why Calabrio does not recommend this is because of their own recording solutions like QM and AQM.



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