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Migration to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 10.0(1) using Prime Collaboration Deployment

is supported only for the Cisco Unified Communications Manager versions listed in the Introduction section.

Upgrading directly to Unified Communications Manager Release 10.0(1) from Releases 4.1(3), 4.2(3), 4.3(2),

5.1(2), 5.1(3), 6.0(1), 6.1(1), 6.1(2), 6.1(3), 7.0(1), 7.0(2) and 7.1(2) is not supported.

For these releases, you must upgrade to an intermediate release before you use the M1 migration procedure

to Migrate to Unified Communications Manager Release 10.0(1). Perform the migration by following the

below stages:

1 Upgrade to Unified Communications Manager Release 6.1(5) or 7.1(5) as an intermediate release.

2 Deploy Prime Collaboration Deployment on a virtual machine.

3 Prepare Prime Collaboration Deployment for Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster migration

to Release 10.0(1).

4 Migrate current Unified Communications Manager to Release 10.0(1) using Prime Collaboration


This document is applicable to Unified Communications Manager clusters with the following environment:

• One of the following Unified Communications Manager releases is installed: Releases 4.1(3)-4.3(2),

Releases 5.1(2)-5.1(3), Releases 6.0(1)-7.1(5), or Releases 8.0(1)-9.1(2)

• Unified Communications Manager cluster is installed on Cisco Media Convergence Server (MCS) server.

• There are no changes required to the IP addresses or hostnames for your Unified Communications

Manager upgrade. If you do need to change IP addresses or hostnames, additional steps are needed that

are not covered in this document. For more information, refer to Changing the IP Address and Hostname

for Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Release 9.1(1).

• The migration to Unified Communications Manager Release 10.0(1) will be performed in your production


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