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Created by: Angel Sosa on 07-04-2010 08:00:50 AM
Hi @ll

We have testing a Third Party Application with CUCM 7.1.3

The app moves an existing DN to a diferent partition and create a new RP with the same DN but in different partintion using the AXL interface. This task is done for several RP each time. The AXL operations are:

- UpdateLine
- AddLine

After this, if the process finish fine, the app uses the JTAPI inteface to register the Route Point doing the following. (for this proceses we uses a userID that have not associetad the RP but has superprovider rights.):

- JTAPIProvider.createTerminal(<ID_ROUTE_POINT>).
- routePointTerminal.register(G711_64K_30_MILLISECONDS , NO_MEDIA_REGISTRATION
- JTAPIProvider.getAddress(<number>, <partition>)

Some times at this point we recieve the following exception: Address <number> in partition <partition>is not in provider's domain,
But we can see that the RP is created and with the right info in the CUCM database.

We have observed that using a delay of 4-5 seconds beetwen the AXL creation and the JTAPI operations every works fine for all RP, but using a 500 ms delay or 1 second delay  we get the exception randomly for several RP. Unfortunelly this delay is excesive for the app operation. Anybody knows why is happening this? Is there any parameter in CUCM to accelarete this sync?
Any tip will be appreciated. Thanks.

Subject: RE: Exception in GetAddress after a AXL creation.
Replied by: Abhishek Malhotra on 08-04-2010 06:01:00 AM
Generally it takes some time for notification to reach JTAPI, AXL modifies the database then database sends update to CTI. CTI updates its cache and then sends this notification to JTAPI. So some delay is actually expected.
Usually the configuration changes are not a routine activity, i want to understand why are we updating lines adding phones at the run time and trying to sync it with application. Cant it be done for once initially? What i want to know is the intent of doing this and probably see if there is a better way to deal with it.

Subject: RE: Exception in GetAddress after a AXL creation.
Replied by: David Staudt on 08-04-2010 02:50:51 PM
AXL, as a provisioning API, is not really intended for 'real-time' sub-second call operations such as this - as Abhishek mentions, changes made by AXL to the database trigger notifications to various processes (such as call processing, CTI manager, etc.) which may take time to take effect.  AXL request completion does not wait for the cascaded notifications to complete, so actual 'ready' state cannot be categorically determined by an app.
Indeed this is an unusual scenario on the surface.  If you can share some details about what the app is attempting to do here, we may be able to make some suggestions.

Subject: RE: Exception in GetAddress after a AXL creation.
Replied by: Angel Sosa on 13-04-2010 01:41:04 PM
Thnaks for your replys.
The process is used in the initial setup, at this moment this delay is not a problem but this the app server conects with a second server that make call routing decisions, when the first app server conected to the CUCM lost connectivity with the second server, the first one undo the changes in RP, when the connectivty with the second server come back the first server conects with CUCM again and change partitions and register again the RP, at this point the delay beetween AXM and JTAPI operation ussualy is a problem.

Anyway we see that this delay with CUCM 6.1.4 is less and rearely is a problem. Do you have any Idea why? Any idea to make this process in CUCM faster?

Thanks for your help

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