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Brett Hanson

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Our publisher is dumping the following log entry pair to our remote syslog server every 5 seconds without question!

Apr 15 2011 05:14:40.465 UTC :  %UC_WEB_RS-3-EXCEPTION: %[ QueryQueueStatisticsRequest returned failure][App ID=Cisco Tomcat][Cluster ID=][Node ID=<publisher>]: An exception has been caught by the reporting server

Apr 15 2011 05:14:40.473 UTC :  %UC_WEB_RS-6-RTR_AGENT_UNKNOWN: %[App ID=Cisco Tomcat][Cluster ID=][Node ID=<publisher>]: Agent id from RTR could not be found in reporting server

the following logs are also being repeatedly dumped to our remote syslog server at or around the same time every 5 seconds:

%UC_LIB_JDBC-6-JDBC_LOG_MONITOR:  %[message=Cannot join transaction: do not override  hibernate.transaction.factory_class][App ID=Cisco Unified CCX  Engine][Cluster ID=][Node ID=<publisher>]: JDBC log

(but references the CCX Engine and not Tomcat as the others do) If this helps?

The fact that it is every 5 seconds and mentions reporting is telling me that it has something to do with the Real Time Reporting.

I searched for the error using the Cisco Error Messsage Decoder Tool but it produced nothing.

I searched the error message via the various search engines with no success.

Does anyone know what this error means/what is causing it, and possibly how to fix it?



Message was edited by: Brett Hanson (added the CCX engine log info)

Update from Cisco TAC who advised the following:

"I confirmed with many resources and referred to our own lab environment, Cisco Unified CCX Reporting Server should be De-activated. I also found explanation from Developers regarding deactivation of this issue:


RS is required for Cisco Mobile Supervisor.

RS provides reporting data using Web 2.0 APIs.

RS is kept deactivated by default.

Cisco Mobile Supervisor (CMS) for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 8.0 allows supervisors to View real-time reports on their iPhone or iPod Touch. Going forward, thin desktop clients, browser based applications, mobile applications can use it to build reporting applications.

To activate go to Service Activation page in UCCX Serviceability. However for UCCX 8.0, RS

must not be activated as currently  there are no consumers for the API.


So as per the above provided information you can safely deactivate this feature on both servers. Without affecting your system. Since this service is used for Cisco Mobile Supervisor feature, which is in UCCX 8.0 have no consumers for the API. And that is why we see the Reporting Server related exceptions.

-----To de-activate the reporting server, Navigate to Serviceabiltiy---Tools---Service Activation, click “ Set To Default”

Went into Serviceability > Tools > Service Activation and clicked 'Set to Default' > it now shows "Cisco Unified CCX Reporting Server - Deactivated"

Click on the drop down, selected the Sub and then 'Go' then did the same.
It too now shows "Cisco Unified CCX Reporting Server - Deactivated".

Checked the syslogs and the errors described above have now ceased.

Nothing seems to have been affected and system seems to be running as expected still.

I would consider this discussion 'solved' - however I am unable to set it to 'answered' myself.

This document was generated from the following thread: Help RE: %UC_WEB_RS-3-EXCEPTION / %UC_WEB_RS-6-RTR_AGENT_UNKNOWN errors in Syslog

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