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Perform these steps:

  1. Log into the Command Line Interface (CLI) as dsuser for each element.

    telnet localhost 8070
  2. Change context to log management.

    /nehost[log-mgmt]>context log-mgmt

    These are the options for log format or options:

    /nehost[log-mgmt]> log "-e" ["-s" [ ["-d" [ ["-m" [ ["-r" ] ["-filter" ] ["-t" ] [ "-l" I "-h" "-p" "-f" I "-syslog" "-priority"
  3. Execute this command under the log-mgmt context:

    /nehost[log-mgmt]> log -e snmp-alarm -l dslog -s "%h %t %r %s %b"

    This is the output:

    Configuration successful.
    log -e snmp-alarm -l dslog -s "%h %t %r %s %b"

    Note: Store the log file under each element or in the /opt/dynamicsoft/log directory.
  4. Execute this command to turn off specific SNMP alarms in the local log file:

    /nehost[log-mgmt]>no log -e snmp-alarm -l dslog -s "%h %t %r %s %b"

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