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Core Issue

In Cisco MeetingPlace Web server versions 5.2.x and earlier, the logs that Windows    Internet Information Services (IIS) generate continue to accumulate if unchecked.    These logs can consume the available space on the partition to which they are    published. This accumulation eventually leads to an Operating System (OS) crash. This crash results from    a lack of space for the paging file or other critical OS components.


At this time, there is no native Windows application to overwrite or purge these    logs. In Cisco MeetingPlace Web server versions 5.3 and later, this functionality is automated in the    product. One month of IIS logs are kept.

For more information about this issue, refer to MeetingPlace Web IIS Log Accumulation Issue.

These are additional recommendations for how to manage the log files:

  • If you have a network directory or non-root partition to which you can post the log files, Cisco recommends you do so in order to avoid OS issues.
  • Regardless of their location, Cisco recommends that you purge the log files every quarter or sooner, based upon usage and disk size. Cisco advises that you keep log files for at least one month to help debug.
  • Use the Windows scheduled task utility to run the batch file, to automatically purge IIS logs on a regular basis.

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