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                              How to transfer Opends VCS data to TMS for recovery purposes.

Scenario: Let's assume customer has had a harddrive failure and has lost its opends data/provisioning data in its TMS Server and now has to build a new TMS server but needs to recover its provisioning information and would like to do this by using the data that is currently residing in VCS opends server.

Resolution: We will copy the opends data residing on a VCS server and use it on a TMS server with the purposes of building a new TMS provisioning directory using the data that resides on the VCS server.

Environment: - TMS 13.x - VCS  6.1

Tools Needed: - Putty - WinSCP

Access Needed: - Root Access to VCS - RDP Access to the TMS server

Restart or Reboot Server Required: - Yes, TMS Server only

Possible Errors:

- Could wipe all opends/provisioning data in the VCS Server

- Unable to replicate from the TMS to the VCS

Before continuing the following should apply:

- The new TMS Server has not been replicated to the VCS.

- The new TMS server ldap and replication password has not been changed from the default value of TANBDERG.

- It is preferred for the new TMS server to have the same host name / IP address as the old TMS server.

- The VCS server should be able to ping the TMS Server by its hostname only

- The VCS server still contains data from the last time TMS successfully replicated to the VCS.

Steps to resolve scenario:

1. First, we need to verify that opends data exist in the VCS server. a. Login to the VCS server via SSH and as root and by typing the following command as root on the VCS: #ldapsearch -x -h localhost -D "cn=Directory Manager" -w TANDBERG -b dc=provisioning "(objectclass=*)" b. The above command will return ldap data contained in the opends.  For example, you will find provisioned users information. c. Once confirmed provisioning data is in the Opends in the VCS server we, proceed to next step.

2. Proceed to change the replication and ldap password to the default value of TANDBERG. a. Enter the following commands as root in the VCS Server.  #tmsagent_ldap_passwd #tmsagent_replication_passwd

3. Proceed to open WinSCP and enter the VCS Server information (root credentials)

4. Proceed to browse to /mnt/harddisk/app/opends/db/ and copy the userRoot directory from the VCS to the TMS server desktop.

5. Proceed to open the task manager application and end all java.exe processes

6. Proceed to access the TMS server via RDP and navigate to C:\Program Files\TANDBERG\TMS\Provisioning\OpenDS-2.0\db\

7. Once in the C:\Program Files\TANDBERG\TMS\Provisioning\OpenDS-2.0\db\ directory proceed to rename the userRoot directory to userRoot_old

8. Proceed to copy the userRoot directory that you extracted from the VCS server to the following directory:   C:\Program Files\TANDBERG\TMS\Provisioning\OpenDS-2.0\db\

9. You should now have userRoot_old and userRoot directory

10. Proceed to restart the TMS server

11. Verify the TMS server has fully come up including all services  

12. Proceed to navigate to System, Provisioning,Directory and verify      your provisioning information. Note: All provisioning information resided in VCS should now be part of the TMS provisioning directory.

13. Proceed to access the VCS Server and purge the opends Data by  entering the following command:   tmsagent_destroy_and_purge_data  

14. The above command should return in the last line OK.

15. Proceed to access the TMS gui and change the ldap configuration password and the ldap replication password to another value and select save.   16. Proceed to enable replication to the VCS

This document was created by Cesar Fiestas

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