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Core Issue

When the database is imported on a new Cisco Unity 4.x server through DiRT and DBWalk, some of the calls intended for the mailbox of a recipient are randomly delivered to the Example Interview and General Mailbox from random locations, both internal and external.

There are no full mailboxes, and no errors appear in the event log.


In order to resolve this issue, verify these settings:

  • First, make sure that no entries point to the Example Interview Handler on the Call Routing under Call Management (Direct and Forwarded Calls).

  • Then, review the Allow callers to dial an extension during greeting attribute on the main call handler and on the Caller Input of the subscriber in order to see if it is enabled. In order to not allow callers to dial a random extension, such as the Example Interview Handler, disable this option.

  • Also, if the operator call handler is defined as 0, the caller can accidentally hit 0 and cause messages to be sent to the Example Administrator.

If no problems are found, complete these steps:

  1. Open the Date Link Explorer located in the Tools Depot on the desktop. Open the Interview Handler table, and find the Example Interview Handler, which is often the only row in the table. Right-click the InterviewHandlerObjectID column, and choose copy. This puts that global unique identifier (GUID) on the clipboard. Then, choose View > Query builder, and issue this query, but change the ObjectId here with the one from the table:

    SELECT vw_CallHandler.Alias, vw_MessagingRule.alias

    FROM vw_CallHandler INNER JOIN vw_MessagingRule

    ON vw_CallHandler.CallHandlerObjectID=vw_MessagingRule.ParentObjectID

    WHERE vw_MEssagingRule.DestinationObjectID='{6CD52C9A-E962-4E1F-A0A4-515CF2BE94A9}'

  2. This query locates any greeting for any call handler or interviewer that is mapped to go to the Example Interview Handler. There can also be a user input key mapped to it somewhere. Issue this query in order to find it:

    SELECT vw_CallHandler.Alias, vw_menuentry.alias

    FROM vw_CallHandler INNER JOIN vw_menuentry

    ON vw_CallHandler.CallHandlerObjectID=vw_Menuentry.ParentObjectID

    WHERE vw_menuentry.DestinationObjectID='{6CD52C9A-E962-4E1F-A0A4-515CF2BE94A9}'

  3. If the above query locates any link between the Example Interview Handler and any other call handler, disable this link in order to resolve this issue.

Also, refer to Call Routing which explains why a call hits the operator call handler or the default call handler greeting. Refer to Default Accounts and Message Handling for more information.

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