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Muhammad Maqsood Mushtaq
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Ensure user is associated with the line number

  • In CUCM, browse to the CSF device (or desk phone) which is being controlled in Jabber
  • Open its properties and click into the line numbers properties
  • Ensure the user is correctly associated with the line (scroll to bottom of page)

Ensure SIP trunk from CUCM to CUP exists

  • Under CUCM – Device – Trunk, ensure a SIP trunk to CUP server exists
  • If not, add one

Possible DNS issue…?

In  CUP, hostnames are used in the ‘incoming ACL’ and ‘Outgoing ACL’  sections to add security exceptions for ports used for CUCM  communication (including off hook presence). Eg. Browse to:

System->Security-> Incoming ACL

System->Security-> Outgoing ACL

And  in each you will see a DNS name entry for your CUCM server. If there  are issues resolving these DNS names on your network, the security  exceptions will be ignored, so you need to ensure that if you ping the  name of your CUCM server from CUP, it is resolved to the correct IP. More  importantly, you need to ensure that a reverse lookup can be performed  on the IP address and the correct DNS name is returned.

Explanation from CUP server point of view why off hook presence might not be working:

  • The SIP Proxy on CUP will perform a reverse lookup of the source IP address of the CUCM publish to get it’s DNS hostname
  • It then uses this to find a matching entry in the ACL list.
  • If it does not find a matching entry then the request will not be accepted.

If all else fails..

On CUP, go to:

System->Security-> Incoming ACL System->Security-> Outgoing ACL

  • You should see a list of your existing ‘address patterns’, one of which will be the DNS name of your CUCM server
  • Instead of using the DNS name, change this to the IP address of your CUCM server
  • If  this works, this proves that there is a DNS issue, and you should  ideally resolve this rather than using this as a permanent solution
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