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This is the Q&A from  from Telepresence Technology virtual boot camp Session -11


Presentation - Telepresence Technology virtual boot camp session 11

Q: What is kensington lock ?
A: It is used in electronic device if you like to lock it to avoid theft, like we have it in Laptop.

Q: Angle covered by the camera.. or distance that camera can covered with good quality?
A: Distance covered is measured in terms of X zoom, max zoom supported is 12x. Angle covered is 180 degree horizontal and 30 degree vertical.


Q: What is the max length of cables used in daisy chain ?
A: If you are referring to serial daisy chain it is the standard from serial cable and it can go upto 50 meters depending on the quality of cable.


Q: In case of daisy chain video captured from all 3 cameras will be transmitted to far end or not.
A: In any case you can send two streams of video, even if you connect more cameras only 2 can be sent.


Q: In case far end having single monitor will this work?
A: Yes if the far end receives in PIP or POP depending on how it has been configured


Q: Is dual display key only valid in case of a call? If the device is not on call, can I use both displays probably for sharing a local presentation ?

A: No if you do not have a key, make no sense to connect 2 monitor/display, if you just want local presentation what's the point routing it through the codec do it direct.


Q: I have the key.. two displays are connected. If users just want to have a local meeting in the room and want to share a presentation locally.. is that possible on both screens

A: In TC codec up to version 5.1.7 you can have same stream on both screen localy but it is removed in all higher version. For this kind of requirement in large conference room system integrators use ext video mixer to achieve this feature not through codecs



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