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Created by: Christopher LeBlanc on 21-07-2008 04:18:00 PM

Below is a question from the CVP NetPro forum with my answer here:

The way that RNA/RONA should be configured is documented in the ICM Install and Configure Guide. Here is an excerpt.


About Re-route on Ring No Answer with Unified CVP
For Unified CCE systems in which Unified CVP is deployed, the Unified CM does not control the Unified CVP and cannot send an unanswered call back to the Unified CVP for re-queuing. You configure the Re-route on Ring No Answer feature to only make the agent “Not Ready” when he/she does not answer a call, and use the Unified CVP Router Requery feature to re-queue the call.
Re-route a call on Ring No Answer works as follows for Unified CVP:
1.A routing script connects the call to an agent by sending a connect message to the Unified CVP. The script node should have Enable Target Requery enabled. To enable this, edit the node, choose the Change button and check the Enable Target Requery check box.
2.The agent’s phone rings.
3.If the phone is not answered (either via the agent desktop or physically going off-hook) within the Ring No Answer time set in Agent Desk Settings, the ICM makes the agent unavailable, but does not actually change the agent state to Not Ready until the call is re-directed.
4.When the Unified CVP Ring No Answer timeout expires, the Unified CVP sends an EventReport=No Answer message to the router instructing it to select another target according to the routing script and send a Connect message to the Unified CVP. The target may be another agent or a VRU label to requeue the call

Note: That call should be given the highest priority in the queue so that the call is routed to the next available agent.
5.Any call data is preserved to be popped onto the second agent screen.

Note: In addition, a flag is set in the database so that ICM software can report on all of the occurrences of Re-route on Ring No Answer. (WebView provides historical reports for both the agent and skill group that contain a Redirect No Answer field. This field increments every time a call is redirected off the agent’s desk for the skill group related to the call.)

6.When the call is redirected from the original agent, the agent’s state changes to Not Ready.

How to Configure Agent Desk Settings
To configure Agent Desk Settings:
1.From the Configuration Manager, choose Configure ICM > Enterprise > Agent Desk Settings List. The ICM Agent Desk Settings List dialog box opens.
2.Click Retrieve.
3.Click Add.
4.Fill in the Attributes tab information:
Name. Enter a name for the agent desk settings that is unique within the enterprise.
Ring No Answer Time. Enter the number of seconds (between 1 and 120) that a call may ring at the agent’s station. If you are deploying Unified CVP, this number should be less than the number set for the No Answer Timeout for Router Requery that you set in Unified CVP.
If you configure this timer, you do not need to configure the Unified CM Call Forward on No Answer for agent extensions in Unified CM, unless you want them to be used when the agent is not logged in. If you set the Unified CM Call Forward No Answer time, enter a value at least 3 seconds higher than the ICM Ring No Answer Time on each Unified CM node.
Ring No Answer Number. Enter the ICM DN associated with the ICM routing script that you want to use to re-route a call that an agent has not answered. If you are deploying Unified CVP, leave this field blank.

NetPro question:

Dear Member:

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Discussion Forum : IP Communications and Video Discussion Topic : Contact Center Conversation : ICM CVP Rona calls


We have an interesting "issue" on a CVP SR1 with IPCC 6.0 implementation where assigning a Dialed Number in the ADS is actuall working.

For Example:

SetRNATimeout = 60

ADS Timeout = 15

ADS Dialed Number = 9000

After a call is sent to an agent, it RONA's after 15 seconds and is routed to the Dialed Number 9000 which triggers the RONA script. Its operating just like IPCCe with IP IVR.

This is AWESOME because we don't have the issue of a CVP script routing a call to a non agent or PSTN number and getting pulled back by the SetRNATimeout.

I have a few other implementations of IPCCe with CVP and its NOT working like works "as designed" where having a Dialed Number on ADS doesn't work. I have poured over the configurations on each of the implementations trying to figure out why the Dialed Number works on the ADS.

I wish Cisco could come in and have a look at this customer and figure out why so it can replicated as its the most desireable solution in my opinion.

*adignan - berbee


Subject: RE: RNA/RONA Settings for CVP/ICM
Replied by: Kathleen Waldeland on 27-03-2009 07:51:16 PM
I am finding that  with a particular CVP implementation, it ONLY works to use the ADS Timer AND Ring No Ansewr DN.  If I configure it without the Ring No Answer DN, and use Redirect Target Requery, it ignores the ADS timer and times out based on CVP timer.  It then requiries in the queue node as it should.  Why would the ADS timer be ignored without a DNIS.  Are there any known issues with this?
Versions are as follows:
CVP - 4.1
ICM - 7_2_4_0_0_0_27
CTIOS - 7_2_4_0_0_11
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