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Gajanan Pande
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Is Running Apache Tomcat Server on CVP VXML server using Domain user account, supported?

Requirement :

We have a VXML application that runs in CVP and connects to a customer's SQLServer database. The customer required that the connection to SQLServer be made using integrated Windows authentication. This means that the windows domain account credentials of the server that CVP is running on are passed to the SQLServer box for authentication against the domain. In order to do this we needed to run the CVP Tomcat instance under the customer domain account.

The reason that the customer wants to run in this way, is to comply with their security regulations. They require a solution that means we do not know the password to the SQLServer database and this solution fulfills that requirement.

Note that the only real difference here is that we are running tomcat under the user domain account and not the usual CVP server Admin account.

Analysis :

In CVP VXML Server, the Apache Tomcat server is installed & run by local Administrator user. We can also use other users to run the service but that user should have local admin previlages. But, is running " Apache Tomcat server " using non-administrator user ID, supported by Cisco ?

Answer :

It might work but NOT supported by BU at this moment.

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