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Please find the TelePresence Endpoint Technical Handbook attached (updated July 2012).

This document is a quick reference handbook for basic troubleshooting on endpoints.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Arne Østensen

Martin Koch

Hi Arne!

Thx for the updated version.I shortly looked at it, with my linux acrobat reader under ubuntu

I have a problem on some pages to do copy paste, like on page 26 (e20 sip) I can not select the "log ctx SipPacket debug 9"

Maybe some "code selection box" or an additional supplied text file with the commands (complete and

seperated by software version differences) would be nice to make it easier to copy paste from it without

adding comments

It is good to have the standalone pdf if you have to be offline at a customer, but what do you think

of adding this content to some kind of wiki, so that online you always have the most updated info

with the capability to add user comments as well.

The movi section might be worth updating a bit more (2.x screenshot, the advanced/transport setting is gone on

recent versions, ...)

There are small things like the old tandberg coloring / layout or typos (like page 24, last line first word the instead of He)


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