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Core Issue

The Meet-me Conference can fail with any of these symptoms:

  • User receives the That Key is not active here error message.
  • User receives a reorder tone.


Only the first person starting the conference uses the Meet-me softkey to initiate the conference. Others who join the conference later do not use this softkey. Instead, they join the conference by dialing the Meet-me directory number.

To resolve this issue, choose from one of these options:

  • If the Meet-me Conference fails with the That Key is not active here error message, perform these steps:   
    1. The phone displays this message if you do not go off-hook before pressing the Meet-me softkey. The person initiating the Meet-me Conference must go off-hook, press the More softkey and then press the Meet-me softkey.

      The IP phone then returns two beeps.      

    2. Now you can dial the Meet-me Conference number.
  • If the Meet-me Conference fails with a reorder tone, perform these steps:   
    1. If this procedure is followed to initiate a Meet-me Conference, or someone joins a Meet-me Conference by dialing the Meet-me Conference number and the call fails with a reorder tone, check if the Meet-me directory number belongs to any partition.       
    2. If the Meet-me directory number belongs to a partition, verify that the IP phone's calling search space (the IP phone that initiates or joins the Meet-me Conference) includes the partition where the Meet-me directory number is assigned.

For more information on calling search spaces and partitions, refer to these documents:

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