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Almost on daily basis we see request for  a report which display “not ready reason – codes”.

The same is mentioned in reporting guide but I have attached snapshots to make the process understandable -


>> CUIC  is not supposed to show up the custom reason codes but for CUIC we can tweak with the report and create a custom one to achieve the same .


Below is what you can do:


  • Create a custom Agent Not Ready Reason Code report and run it using the Reason Codes filter and choose all the Custom Reason codes (maximum of 8). Anything beyond 8 will show up in “Time in Other Reason Codes” by default





  • After running the report, you need to check the sequence of data which system is pulling from the database as shown in the below screenshot: Example  the custom code 80 is at number 9, 85 is at 10 and 110 is at 11 so make sure that we choose the correct number of Reason Code as shown in the point number three.






  • Choose the Reason Code 9, 10 and 11 from the list and rename the headers as per your choice and save the report:





  • At any point of time, if you change the order of Reason Codes in this particular report, do not forget to change the order of Reason Codes in the point number 3. Else, create another Custom Report



>> So to sum it up the report will show the data based on the ‘filter’ we select and the the sequence of the filter. Do not confuse yourself with the grid. Note that there is no mapping between the header and the reason code that is selected in the filter. It is just a nomenclature/ naming. Once you create the report/select the ‘custom reason’ codes you can name the grid in similar fashion.



CSCue26150 UCCX: Not Ready Reason Code Report Does Not Display Custom Reason Codes


The above bug is only a documentation defect. CUIC will not display the not reason codes.



Manu Kandwal

Gerry O'Rourke
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Rising star

The above workaround only works for one specific Not Ready Reason code report.

But what about the others?

In UCCE -  CUIC can display the Not Ready Reason Code labels when they are configured in the AW configuration.

I am really surprised that with UCCX 11.5 Cisco still have not implemented Not ready reason code reports correctly.

CUIC reports in UCCX only show the code, which is of little value to a supervisor or business user.

The CUIC reports need to contain a column for the code AND a column for the code's 'label' in all report which contain not ready or logout codes.

The view could then be customized to hide (or not) the column, but you should not need to create custom reports to show the not ready reason code 'label' which is configured on the same UCCX VM (within Finesse).

This issue is far from a documentation issue.


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