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By default our CCX works on the language selected during the installation of the server(while activating services/fresh install) but the system has different languages prompt already installed in the root location. This makes the system capable enough to play the “System Prompts” in different languages.

System prompts like -‘Are you still there’, ‘Sorry we are unable to process your call’, ‘We are experiencing system problems’ etc.


>>   Now there can be different requirements. Here we will talk about 2 specific scenarios –

  1. System default IVR / CAD language remains English but want to play system prompts in other language like French/German.
  2. Give the call multiple language treatment.


--The first and foremost step is to activate the language for the system. Go to CCX Administration > System > Language configuration and choose the desired language-


>> Now here we see that we activated the German language but the system and CAD default language remains “en_US”.

Once the language is activated you will get an option to create a language folder under prompt management if in case you want to upload custom prompts for that particular language.

>> To achieve the 1st scenario wherein we require a single language in our system prompts like – ‘Are you still there’, ‘Sorry we are unable to process your call’ etc we need to change the IVR language.

 We have the option to apply this change to whole cluster or we can apply this to the ‘Trigger’ setting.


++ If we want to change the “Default IVR Language Configuration” then apply the changes from ‘Language configuration’ page. Now make sure that the trigger language is set to use “System Default” in order to play the prompts in desired language.

++ If we want system default to remain “en_US” and want to apply the language changes to a particular application then make changes to the ‘Trigger’ setting and choose the language for IVR, system will play the prompts in that particular language.

** So ultimately the system is playing whatever is configured under “Trigger settings”.



--Second scenario where we need to change the system prompt language to multiple languages in a single call.


This requires a tweaking in the script. There can be different ways / requirements but the basic would remain the same. In the below given scenario the system default language remains ‘en_Us’. When the call reaches CCX the caller is given an option to choose his desired language and once that is selected the system will play the prompts in that language only.


++ After activation of the language we need to localise the script for the languages required. The Script that I am sharing with you contains  a menu step.

There are 3 options – Press option 1 to set the language in English, 2 for French and 3 for Japanese. Here I have used ‘set contact Info’ step to use a particular language.


>> To test this you can apply this script to a test application. Once the call reaches the Menu step you select the language you need to hear the ‘system prompts’ in i.e 2 for French. It will send the call back to Menu step. Let it timeout so that we hear the system prompt “Are you still there” in French language.

>> This script is just a sample in order to make you understand that we can select our language preference and then prompts would be played based on the selection. This gives you an option to use ‘Multiple’ languages. There can be many ways to achieve a single task.

FYI - TAC does not support scripting. I'm providing direct links to the PDFs below:




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