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Subject: RE: Unable to Create JTAPI Peer Bad Login orPassword
Replied by: Debesh Dhabaldeb on 28-07-2011 02:41:26 AM
Can you click on the "Edit Credential" button in the "End User Configuration" page for the application user that you have created and see if the check box "User Must Change at Next Login" is selected or not. IF selected then uncheck it, change the password and try again.

You also need the CTI Manager Service running on the UCM box for the connection to be established.
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Created by: Chikeobi Njaka on 28-07-2011 02:32:37 AM
Hi Folks,
Can't seem to figure out what I am doing wrong here... something I've done a few times before...
I created and applicaiton user, gave it a user Idand password. Cannot create a JTAPI Peer. This program works fine on another CUCM. To make sure I wasn't forgetting a role, I ended up adding all. Still will not log in.
I don't recall.. is there a service that has to be started to allow applicaitons to log in? I am using CUCM7.x

Subject: RE: Unable to Create JTAPI Peer Bad Login orPassword
Replied by: Abhishek Malhotra on 28-07-2011 02:39:27 AM
Try following:
- check in credential policy if "User Must Change password on next login" is set
- check if password is expired
- Try changing the password
- ensure your provider string is terminated by ";"
- does your password contain special characters "=" or ";" if so then you might be running into a defect which was fixed in one of the recent releases. Try changing the password to something which doesnt contain these two special characters.
- User should be associated to group "Standard CTI Enabled"
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