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UCCX Agent Licensing

Ive reboot the uccx cluster, I have 100 agent licenses under licensing, no one is logged in, and when I try to login the system kicks back saying: "Your sign-in attempt failed because the maximum number of licenses has been exceeded. Please contact y...

MrButton by Beginner
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Call recording issues with Jabber

Prior to switching to Jabber, we used IP Communicator.  We have recorded calls with IPC for some time now without issue.  Now that we are on Jabber, we are getting out of sync recordings using the exact same recording server.  As an example:  Lady as...

joekarter by Rising star
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UCCX 11.6 uccx to cuick sync failed

I have RTMT Alerts stating uccx to cuic failed.The AppID showing the failures is Cisco Unified CCX Cluster Veiw DaemonDoes the cli command : utils uccx synctocuic all  -  have an impact or can it be done at anytime with no impact ?  Or there is some ...

lleweyiss by Participant
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Vg224 noisy fan

I have installed a VG224 in a naked lab 19" rackWhen temperature goes high three fans are very noisyIs there any workaround ? i.e. raplacing fan with different brand/model , or reducing speed/treshold via configuration , or fool pwm rpm managing , or...

Finesse has Problems with Certificate on Port 7443

Hi Guys, I want to configure Cisco Finesse, which runs on my UCCX 10.5.1.It works fine, I can open it per Explorer/Firefox/Chrome and I get the request for the login credentials.After that, I get the message, that I have to install two certificates: ...

nico13192 by Beginner
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SIP Inbound and Outbound No audio and Ringback

Hello everdyone!  Running into a weird one!  We setup a new SIP trunk and it's registered and up.  When testing, for either inbound or outbound, the call seems to work, but we get no audio.  I setup the test extension on my Jabber, and when I place a...

EricN by Beginner
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MIC 8JS-00002 headset compatibility

Hello, does anyone know if the Microsoft MIC 8JS-00002 headset can work with Cisco VOIP phones. More specifically the Cisco CP-7841 desk phone. I know it cannot connect directly but wondering if there is a special adapter available for compatibility.

dhollis by Beginner
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CP-8841 call dialog obscures BLF labels

The active call dialog/popup occupies 80% of the screen, thereby obscuring the view of the BLF labels underneath. See attached photo of the problem.Is there a way to disable this needless dialog or reduce its size?I don't understand why it needs to b...

boteman by Beginner
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No 2nd control bar popping up when transferring calls

Some agents, most but not all, are not getting the 2nd call control bar to appear when they are transferring a call.So they cannot use the Consult button at all because they never get the 2nd bar where they can complete the transfer.If they do a cold...

NewRobert by Beginner
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Resolved! CP-8841 Rejected Registration

Hello,I'm running CUCM 11.5 and I have a CP-8841 phone that is being re-assigned to a user.The cluster is 1PUB/3SUBs with a CUCM Group set to auto-register.The phone in question will register in CUCM with an auto-registered DN , an IP Address in the ...

Resolved! Call Manager Certificates- Self-Signed vs. CSR

Running CUCM 11.5.1(17900-52)I am in the process of connecting Cisco Media Server to our Call Manager.  I realize that the documentation states that generating new certificates signed by a CA isn't strictly necessary but my company insists on proceed...

salvage210 by Beginner
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Room Bar and USB-C extension

Hello! We are installing a Room Bar in a small conference room. We will be taking HDMI from the Room Bar to the table laptop or sharing wireless through Proximity - so with WebEx meetings we are good. I would also like to have a USB-C connection as w...

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