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Cisco Designated VIP

What is the Cisco Designated VIP Program?

The Cisco Designated VIP program recognizes the top individual contributors in Cisco's online communities, including the Cisco Learning Network (CLN) and Cisco Community. Cisco Designated VIPs are recognized by their peers for their expertise and tireless contributions. Cisco Designated VIPs are generous, credible, and accessible to their peers and their abundant participation is vital to community success.  With this program, Cisco formally recognizes the positive, valuable influence our top individual members exert on the communities overall.

Each Cisco community may have slightly different criteria for members to qualify for VIP status.  Wherever you see a community member identified as a Cisco Designated VIP, you can trust their experience and expect high-quality contributions.

Who is eligible to be a Cisco Designated VIP?

Registered members of the Cisco Community or the Cisco Learning Network are eligible for selection.  You must also be at least 18 years of age to participate.  Because this program is intended to recognize Cisco's customers and partners who contribute in the communities, Cisco competitors, employees and contractors are not eligible to be Cisco Designated VIPs.  Cisco reserves the final right to select or remove Designated VIP status for an individual.

How long does the Cisco Designated VIP Award last?

Once selected, the award is yours to keep and display while you are active in the communities.  Benefits last for one year.  Members must qualify each year to retain their status and benefits. You may still display your past status even if you are not selected in the current year. In this case, you will receive a VIP alumni badge and ranking level and the change to become a VIP again in the future, if you keep contributing and sharing your knowledge. 


What are the benefits of being a Cisco Designated VIP?

Designated VIPs will have a "badge" placed next to their username on the communities to announce their achievement.  The badge will indicate their Designated VIP status and display the details of their award (e.g., the category in which they earned their status). 

In addition to this public recognition, Designated VIPs are provided access to Cisco in a variety of ways:

  • VIPs are invited to a private community where they can work with Cisco and their Designated VIP peers.  They may also be invited to advise the communities on community direction, features, and other items. 
  • VIPs may also attend exclusive live sessions with Cisco subject matter experts. In addition, Cisco Subject Matter Experts may meet privately with Designated VIPs to discuss different technologies and other topics of interest.  These periodic meetings are only for Designated VIPs. 
  • VIPs also get free passes to Cisco Live events, the premier customer events if they choose to attend. Passes will be handled by each specific regional event. VIPs can choose one of all 3 regions to receive the ticket (AMER, EMEA, or APJC). Passes can be sent 1 month prior to the event date. 
  • Annual personalized VIP kit
  • Cisco Certification voucher (We can only provide a voucher for the qualifier exam, which would be the Technology Core exam for the particular track).
  • As the program evolves, Designated VIPs can expect additional benefits and Cisco is committed to working with the VIPs to identify and deliver reasonable rewards to the VIPs. Cisco trademark usage is not permitted under these programs at this time but in the event it is ever offered to Designated VIPs use shall be in accordance with Cisco’s trademark guidelines provided upon request of the member.


What are the categories for Designated VIPs in the Cisco Community?
Cisco Community will award Cisco Designated VIP awards in various technology areas as listed on the home page of the  Community (e.g., Networking, Switching & Routing, Security, Data Center / Application Networking, etc.).   Not all technologies will have Designated VIPs initially, and some of the more active technology categories will have multiple Designated VIPs. 

What are the eligibility criteria for Cisco Community?
Only registered Cisco Community users will be considered.  Registration is available at You just need to log in with your account. To qualify for consideration, you must be an active participant, have gained a significant number of Helpful Votes and Accepted Solutions from your peers in one or more technology areas, and contribuite to new answers and content. Maintaining a professional attitude in the community that makes you credible and accessible to the community. You must also be at least 18 years of age.

When are VIP designations awarded?
Nominees are reviewed in December and awards are given out in January of each year. Cisco reserves the right to induct VIPs at other times as deemed necessary.

Where is the list of Cisco Designated VIPs?
You can find the list of the Cisco Designated VIPs here.

What does Cisco expect from its Designated VIP members?
We only ask that you continue to be a positive influence in the community. This is our way of acknowledging and rewarding your achievements, not asking for more.  As with all community members, awardees must adhere to the Support Community acceptable use policy and Community Guidelines.

Who can I contact if I have more questions about the Cisco Designated VIP Program?
If you have any questions or comments regarding the Cisco Community Designated VIP Program, please contact us at or find a local Community Manager here.  

Cisco Community Hall of Fame


What is the Cisco Community Hall of Fame?
The Cisco Community has been in existence since 2000. Over that long history, there are certain members who have gone above and beyond in assisting their peers. These very elite members have been an invaluable part of Support Community’s growth and health. For this small group, we have created the Cisco Community Hall of Fame. Unlike the annual Cisco Designated VIP award, the Hall of Fame designation is a lifetime achievement award based on significant overall achievements in the community. It is not specific to any particular technology category and does not need to be earned again. It will remain with the member for the rest of their active involvement in the Cisco Community for as long as the Cisco Community exists. We encourage you to seek out these members, and to visit the Hall of Fame homepage in Cisco Community.

Who is eligible to be a Hall of Fame member?
Hall of Fame membership is restricted to those that Cisco deems to be the very top members of the Cisco Community. Because this award is for overall achievement, Cisco employees are also eligible for consideration. For this category, you need to have at least 5 consecutive years as VIP to be eligible. A team of Cisco Community managers and current Hall of Famers selects these members. You must be at least 18 years of age to be eligible for membership.

How long does the Hall of Fame membership last?
Membership is indefinite, once you are elected to the Hall of Fame you remain in the Hall of Fame as long as you are active in the Cisco Community for as long as the Cisco Community exists.

When are Hall of Fame designations awarded?
Inductions will coincide with the Cisco Designated VIP inductions. Cisco reserves the right to induct members into the Cisco Community Hall of Fame at other times as deemed necessary. Because of the elite nature of this award, there may not be any new inductees in each calendar year.

What does Cisco expect from its Hall of Fame members?
Cisco Community Hall of Famers have already exceeded our expectations. We only ask that you continue to be a positive influence on the community.


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