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Kelli Glass
Community Manager
Community Manager

Cisco Community is not only a place to ask and answer questions. You can share your expertise on a topic in a document, blog or video post. Typically, a document is used to post information about a subject such as a product resource document or configuration guide. Blogs are a great way to share your thought leadership or technical expertise. And videos are perfect for showing product demonstrations, reviews or how-to's.

To create any of this type of content, navigate to the appropriate technology category and find the Create Content widget on the right side of the page. Click on the content type you want to post to Community.





Create your document or blog using the template editor and publish when you are finished. For videos, you have a few options. Click on the video camera icon in the editor.



Choose how you want to share your video: From My Computer, From My Videos, or From the Web. Follow the prompts (there are different instructions depending on your choice) and publish your video. If you have videos posted on the Web (for instance in YouTube), you'll want to choose the From the Web option. If you have a video file on your computer, then choose to upload the video From My Computer (the maximum file size for uploading is 250 mb). Don't forget to add some text explaining the video subject and how you hope users will benefit from viewing it.

Note that in order to post a document, video, or blog, you will need to select at least one label from a predetermined list depending of where you are posing. You find the list at the right side of the editor window (see image below.). You can learn all about community tabs and labels in document "What are Tags and Labels? What's the difference? How do I use them?"


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