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CCBServlet won't start UCCE/CVP 12.6.1

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I have UCCE/CVP 12.6.1  lab system for teaching classes with CVP, OAMPServer, ReportingServer & CCB Servlet, and IIS MediaServer all on the same VM.

My CCB Servlet won't start up. It's worked in the past (I rollback to VM snapshots for class each week, and it's started in the past)

1. I get 500 error in web browser for http://IP:8000/cvp/CallbackServlet?method=Diag

2. I see this in the CallbackEntry activity log : _ccbServelet=http://IP:8000/cvp/CallbackServlet and in the EnterQueue node, Error: Failed to connect to servlet -- "HTTP/1.1 500"

3. OAMP is configured with CCB as always

4. My Rpg server is up.

Any troubleshooting tips would be appreciated!

Note - on a possibly related issue, my NOAMP isn't able to communicate with Cisco's smart license mgr (wireshark shows no messages being sent). So I have to rollback to snapshot every night during class weeks. Right now it's in 'authorized' mode for 24 hours, so I wouldn't expect it to be affecting the CCB.

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How could I determine if it's a certificate problem?

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VIP Advocate

Do all services show as running otherwise as far as Windows? Does CVP show up and running in OAMP?

OAMP - all good
Services - just the AppDynamics Machine Agent has stopped (it's set to start automatically at reboot). Should I restart this? 

I rolled back to previous VM snapshot and the CCB Servlet started up.
Appdynamics still shows that it has stopped. I guess it's not a required service?

It is only used for optional additional monitoring, so you should be good (
But did something else change that broke it (like a windows update or license issue) in the first place? Glad it is working for you.

Yes, I'm having a continued license issue. My NOAMP>License Mgr can't
communicate with Cisco's Smart Licensing server. TAC ran a wireshark and
saw that it wasn't actually sending messages out . They never figured
out how to fix it. And haven't gotten back to me.

Do you have any suggestions? This happened a couple of years ago, and I
think the fix involvd blowing away one of the CVP/conf folders and
regenerating/importing certs. But, I don't have the instructions
anymore.  Can you find anything that might help me?


I have UCCE, not PCCE.
I backed up the .sltruststore folder and deleted the contents. Now in NOAMP>License Mgmt it's asking for the Transport Settings. I believe it should be URL (direct) but I don't know the URL.


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