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DTMF issue between MS teams and UCCX

Hello, We have DTMF issue from MS teams. We've tried almost all the DTMF changes on the SIP trunk and SIP profile, but no luck. SBC is a non-cisco device, it's AudioCodes Mediant Virtual Edition (VE). Jabber and MS team clients can call each other. Please find the working and non-working call flow below. Has anyone faced this issue? any config suggestions? many thanks. 

Teams > SBC(AudioCodes ) > CUCM > UCCX IVR- DTMF Not working

PSTN > Cisco CUBE > CUCM > UCCX IVR- DTMF working

Jabber > CUCM > UCCX IVR- DTMF working


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What DTMF relay methods does the AudioCodes support? I am guessing the it will support RFC 2833 in band. If so, you need to find out what payload type it is using. I believe Cisco stuff defaults to using payload type 101. You can either change the SBC to match that, or build a different SIP profile with the appropriate payload type. You will also need an MTP for the calls to CCX since it will want out of band events.

Hi @Elliot Dierksen , thanks for the reply. I've already checked MTP required on the SIP trunk from CUCM to SBC. SBC is using RFC 2833. Now changed the SBC payload type to 101. But still no luck, any other thoughts?  

I think you will need to look at the CUCM traces to see what is going on. You will need the detailed traces. Are you specifying a DTMF method on the SIP trunk? I never do that and allow CUCM to negotiate it. Forcing a DTMF method also forcibly inserts an MTP.